Making of Taliban

Foreign Minister of America Ms Hillary Clinton told a sub-commitee of Congress in Washington on 23rd of April, “Government of Pakistan giving up to Taliban. Pakistan is rapidly going into extremists hands. Because of that America and entire world is exposed to intense danger.” The same day American defense secretary Robert Gates warned the Government of Pakistan, if it doesn’t successfully fight the danger of Taliban, relation of two countries may deteriorate. A foreign agency in Karachi informed that there are atleast five thousand youngsters being trained for suicide attacks in the camps of Talibani leader Baitullah Mehsood. These underaged boys ages range from ten to seventeen. As per an Indian Express news, Taliban are moving towards Islamabad after getting strong hold in north west of Pakistan. Shangla and Baneer districts are completely into the fold of their terror. In a news of Rashtriya Sahara, it is said as over the question of conquering the danger of Taliban in Pakistan, there is an ongoing debate in America. Americans think, as the Government of Pakistan is helpless contrary to Taliban, America should take step.

Concept is very broad
These are the news reports of just one day News Papers (24TH April). There are some more News Reports about Taliban. It seems that the making of Taliban campaign, which was started by America is vigorously continued. After using the deception of al-qaida now Americans started this new trick. But by Taliban if anyone thinks about the group in Afghanistan who established their government and now still resisting American occupation there, also who now have influence in Pakistan, in northern frontier region, this will be very limited concept of word ‘Taliban’. Although this definition is right, but that is not the aim of American campaign. According to American propaganda, all muslims who observe and practice the Islamic values, jurisprudence and rituals are Taliban, and for them those are all bad people. Since the target of American Imperialism is Islam and Muslim Ummah, thus it is using different tactics to defame Islam and weaken the Ummah. In the name of Taliban, defamation of the practicing muslims all over the world is the new tactic. The effects of American campaign are being seen, recently in a court trial regarding the beared, Justice Markandey Katju of Indian Supreme Court remark, “We do not want Taliban in India.” is one example of that.

Pakistan is Involved too…
It is not like non-muslim countries or non-muslim elements only are working to make American campaign a success, present government of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” is also involved in this campaign. Thus the same day (23rd April), Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani announced, “ To counter Talibanization of Pakistan, The Government is planning to take other actions too.” (Indian Epress). As far as Taliban’s ‘attacks’ and ‘brutal activities’ are related, the news reports in this regards may soon be starting on large scale. In the desert of Frontier Region, some three four Americans will be prepared with turbines and beareds punishing a girl with lashes, and its photos will be shown around the world. Photos of some children reciting rhymes in class in some madarsah will be taken from satellite, and caption will be put as “They are being trained for suicide attacks.” And more over, along with these tricks, no wonder, if those, who are acting in the name of Taliban are American agents. No wonder even if the Taliban leaders whose names are being aired, are part of america’s plan.
28/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


  1. Do you imply that taliban are good people then? I do not know. As a muslim, I feel pretty confused.
    But I got to know from a few locals that Taliban indeed are too strict and narrowminded Muslims.

  2. Mashaallah. the eye opening post.May Allah bless you.

  3. @Humayun..brother please open your Eyes and undestand the reality and danger the Muslim Ummah facing today before is too late.May Allah bless you to understand the enemy trap!

  4. u r absolutely right.all muslims should now open their eyes.time is running.we should get aware of these truths now!!!!

  5. talibans are all american agents working for the american agenda to destroy pakistan because Pakistan is the inspiration all muslim countries look towards for. Want an eye openers then answer this. Why a normal civilian has to go through soo many hurdles for american visit visa but a your local jehadi leader gets it in no time under auspices of religious visit? because he is an agent going to his father land!