The Reaction was Natural

There was anger and grief among Muslim community, after reading the news on 31st of March in News Papers about India’s Supreme Court Judge remarks. Justice Katju rejected the plea of a muslim student to allow him not to shave beard, and passed a remark saying, "We don't want to have Talibans in the country.” There were debates condemning the judge’s remarks. Reaction was quite natural. Justice Katju not only said the beard is ‘Talibans Symbol’ but also passed comments saying ‘Tomorrow a girl student may come and say that she wants to wear a burqa (veil), can we allow it ? " , He further said “ We should not expand Secularism that much, we can’t afford Talibanizing the country.” The remarks were not only sorrowful but also heartrending and provoking. The question is not of beard or veil (Burqa), it is the question about the mentality which is growing in high level government officials about muslims. Justice Katju’s remarks were the example of the effect of World Powers propaganda and presenting Taliban as a symbol of evil and in the name of Taliban targeting Islam and Islamic values.

During the Reaction and Anxiety
Muslims reaction was quite natural. And muslims respect supreme court’s decision that, ‘The plea is rejected.’ Objection is on Judge’s unnecessary remarks. Muslims anxiety was legitimate. Reaction was rational, somewhere emotional too. Also at some corners lack of wisdom too was felt. Meanwhile there was a very wise act. India’s famous Law scholar Professor Tahir Mehmood met Justice Katju on 3rd April, and informed about the reaction and anxiety among muslims. During his meeting with Justice Katju, it was revealed that the remarks were not part of the written verdict. (Rashtriya Sahara / 4th April). Justice Katju said, He respects Islam and its values. He said, he defended Islamic values many times earlier in his judgements, and wrote articles defending muslims rights. Justice Katju expressed grief over the crisis saying his words were misinterpreted and presented negatively.

And That’s the right way
Regarding beard and veil, Justice Katju’s remarks were distressful and unexpected. But his explanation is desirable and likely. Because Justice Markandey Katju is a Kashmiri Pandit and is a civilized personality. He is well aware of Urdu Language and culture. Likewise he might be knowing about Muslims civilization and values too. More over his negative remarks were not seen earlier in any of his Judgements, writings or speech. Thus, Muslim Personal Law Board chief Moulana Rabey Husni Nadwi’s advise is timely and appropriate that the reaction against Justice Katju should come to an end now. Dr Tahir Mehmood should also be appreciated for his act that he met and spoke with Honourable Judge. And that’s the right thing to do in this type of situation. It is worth less with those elements who criticize Islamic values unfairly, but if it comes from any personality or Institution, unexpectedly, this way the true picture can be brought into light. This will be fruitful, and proved to be, in earlier experiments.

10/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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