Conditions of Iraq

According to the American President Barack Obama's proclamation, the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq will start in the near future. Naturally the forces of the allied countries will also move out of Baghdad, anyway their presence is nothing more than a nominal presence, most of the ally countries have not only asked their forces to return back but earlier they had even excused themselves from providing any more services, that is why the burden on America had increased a lot,even there were no partners in the profit or loss,so much so that their closest ally Britain was in a state of confusion over this matter and had expressed their opinion in an undertone that to bear any more losses was against logical thinking.In these conditions President Obama announced the withdrawal of forces and gave a time table for it.He said that America's Iraq mission was over or was near completion,immediately after which the process of withdrawal of forces will start which will be over in two phases. He did not speak about America's real mission for entering Iraq. Even if it is accepted that he agreed that the basis on which his predecessor declared war on Iraq was right, than this mission was to destroy Iraq's deadly weapons, to disarm Iraq of that technology and to establish a democratic government in Iraq. The first aim became a failure during the reign of his predecessor, because in spite of America's greatest efforts they could not find any such weapons or any clue to them nor could they prove that Iraq had that technology. Their detectives ,experts and examiners searched every nook and corner of Iraq, wherever they had doubt they dug up an inch of earth. They ransacked the whole Iraq but could not lay their hands upon anything eventually they had to accept that it is wrong to say about Iraq that it has weapons of mass destruction.

The other reason that President Obama's predecessor President Bush gave for invading Iraq was that there was dictatorship of the worst kind and to restore the rights of the Iraqi people it was necessary to put an end to it, consequently America ravaged Iraq, then after capturing Saddam Hussain, brought an end to the dictatorship rule. But till this day a democratic government could not be formed. The world knows the condition of the government which is there at present. Trying to bluff the world is one thing whereas to accept things from heart is another. Thus if we see, than this mission is not completed but it is a failure. On the other hand, there was a widespread destruction, a flourishing society was transformed into ruins ,roads, hospitals and other public utilities vanished. As far as establishment of peace and prosperity is concerned, it is still a dream. The state of unrest is the same as before but now murder and bloodshed has also started again. The day when President Obama announced that American forces would leave Iraq that day itself there was blood on the streets of Iraq. In the past two days around 150 people have lost their lives. Thousands of people are injured. Another deterioration which arose due to influx of foreign forces is the division of society. Earlier also there was Shia-Sunni division and among the Sunnis there were Kurd and non-Kurd. But it was not in the form of a gulf. The distances now have increased so much that it is becoming difficult to bridge the gap among people and this is being increased intentionally. Criminal mindset is nurturing in such a way that it has become its identity. But it will be more appropriate to say that it has become its need. The land of Iraq has become the epicentre of clash of interests. Making this as a base, efforts were and are still made to the shatter the unity of the Muslim world. No one is in a position to answer as to who is behind this. But it is an easy way out for everyone to put the blame on Al-Qaida.
28/04/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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