Poisoning children’s minds

Poisoning the Children’s minds.” This is the tiltle of an article by Aditya Mukherjee and Mridula Mukherjee. (The Hindu ,15th April). In this article, presented are the glimpse of those lessons which are taught in RSS established elementary schools in the name of History, Civilization and Nationalism, and innocent children’s minds are poisoned against Islam and Muslims, Christianity and Christians. This poison doesn’t immediately effect children’s character that they harm society in any ways. But when they grow and step into practical life, this poison shows effect, resulting in violence against religious minorities. Aditya and Mridula Mukherjee along with Sachita Mahajan, published a distinguished book on this topic. All three writers, are the Professors of History in Jawahar Lal Nehru University . In the article being discussed, they warned that this poisoning should be stopped from spreading, by both governmental and non-governmental means, otherwise it will cause irrepairable damage to the country. They also protested that “Secular” Government did nothing in last five years in this regard.

This is not for the first time
Though this talk of polluting innocent minds with this poison is not new. Warning The Government and The Society about this is, as old as the act of poisoning minds itself. Religious Educational Council, Jamaat-e-Islami’s Directorate of Education and other Organisations, Institutions and Personalities continuously put efforts in this matter. Expert Educationalists also take notice of it, every now and then. Government officials and Political Leaders too accept the presence of this poison, but in vain. The reason is, simply because this poison has the strong roots and wide area of influence. If Government authorities and Political Leadrship wants to remove this poison, they can not. Because the missionary which implements the Government Orders and Policy itself is effected with this poison. Many of them trained in that environment, they came after reading the same History and Civilization. In this environment, it’s hopeful that, this issue is raised by some expert Educationalists and Historians. Minority Intellectuals should also co-operate with them.

This problem lies with Majority
The question is not just the defaming of religious minorities or igniting violence against them. If it is seen in the wide perspective, it is basically the problem of that “Majority” whose cause they claim to take up. The question for them is that, why, in the name of ‘Nation Building’ the character of entire Nation and it’s next generation is being demoralized.? Teaching the false History to Nation, and leading the Nation to Unjust way, and provoke them against their fellow countryment, what type of National service is this? Another important question for those experts is that, who is behind this campaign of hatred ? Why they are doing this ? What really they want.?. Readers of “The Hindu” daily welcomed the article. But someone from ‘Palakkad’ also wrote, “that the analysis is one sided. On the topic of Madarsa Education and the sources of changing religion should also be written.” Muslims support this proposal. Syllabus of Islamic Madarsas must be honestly assessed. This way, atleast the false Propaganda against Madarsas could be prevented.
22/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


  1. Poisoning the childrens mind by RSS primary and seconderry schools across thre country.

    It is sad, dispite having all knowledge and understaing of the episode,the muslim institution take little care about the impact of this type of educatio by RSS and Hindutva forces. During the ivestigations into the cause and the impact of the communal frenzy after the Gujarat carnage,a social activists from Mumbai investigated and interviewed some of the teens from RSS education organisation who furiously remarked that" DURING MUSLIMS RULES IN INDIA MUSLIMS HAVE KILLED MILLIONS OF HINDUS AND NOW ITS OUR TURN TO RETALIATE THEM. FOLLOWING THIS

    It is however,cornerned diplorable &crtitical in view of the inaction that muslims organisations have been showing towards this phenomena. There should have been a strong counter freaction and campaign to educate the muslim masses in eduating them and preparing them to learn to educate muslim masses on the ground of reality so that they might be well equiped with correct and authentic knowledge of the genuine history. I once, in a very strong
    and leaned audience of muslim intellectuals in Mangalore in one of Jamat-e-islami gathering where prominent muslims figures were present, I asked a quistion to the head of Jamat about this very dnagerouos spread of false history by the RSS education system and cited the findings of the social figure in gerd to the citing above of fact and asked him(jamaath chielf) what Jamath education system has taken step to counter such kind of fnatism by jamaths organisation, notable steps that, in view of their literacy struggle across the country ? the chielf Jamath just dismissed my quistion by saying that JAMAT NEVER DO ANY THING TO MSAKE THINGS NOTABLE. In my openion,organisations likje Jamaat should devote their major part of the struggle to educate against the FNATIC ACITIVITIES OF RSS EDUCATION SYSTEM IN MUSLIM CIRCLES BUT ALSO USE THEIR DAAWA SECTION TO EDUCATE NON MUSLIMS ON THESE SUBJECT, WHEREAS,JAMATH SEEMS THEY ARE AVOPIDING SUCH STEPS IN THE FEAR OF GOVT CAREDOWN OR GETTING NOTED AMONG GOVT AGENCIES, WHICH IS ACTUALLY VERY REGRETABLE AND CONCERENED.

    In my openion,Important muslim organisations failed to counter the crimal propagation of communal frensy by HINDUTVA in view of self defence which has been endorsed by Suprim counrt every now and then. Since the constitution ALLOWS SELF DEFENCE AS LAWFUL,I WONDER WHY OUR JAMAATHS IGNORE THIS VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR DUE TO WHICH A VERY LARGE PART OF YOUTH ARE DISAPPOINTED AND RESORT TO UN ETHICAL STEPS AND TAKE THE LAW IN HAND WITHOUT ALTERNATIVES.

    If Muslims organisations, especially org, like Jamaath take up this issue, then the Jamath will gain overwhelming support from the community, the step will lead to prevent the muslim youths from losing the peaceful path and get over whelming support from the new generations, since, the whole world knows the fact that the Jamath is the most peaceful porganisation across the country. Its time for Jamath, to seriously think about this iussue and adopt a very clear agfenda to promote peace Justice alongwith self defence theory very openly control according to law and the consitution. In view of the correct stand a large section of non muslims intectuals have a view about the Jamath,will appreciate and support this kind of approach by the Jamath.

    I am sorry, if the leaders are misunderstood my expression which is based on the reality and circumstances and the impact of COMMUNAL FORCES IN THE COUNTRY, against msulims. If counter, peaceful measure to educated muslims as well as non muslims and educate all of them on the real and truthful history of the country, then not very late, the entire country will sink into violence spread by RSS education system in the country.
    Mohammed Aamir Ustad

  2. I have alredy send my comments above

    Mohammed Aamir Ustad

  3. Translation of Khabr-o-Nazar needs much improvement. Large number of errors lessens the flavour of original writing.
    RSS prime target is to widen gap among different sections of the Indian society. To sow the seeds of hatred against religious groups among the Hindu people is their basic strategy to achieve their fascist goal. It is an open fact. It is the responsibility of a secular government and civil society to check their nefarious designs. How can any group be allowed to pollute society with the message of hatred by distorting history and facts about any religious or cultural group of the country? But it should be kept in mind that those who are involved in this mischievous activities are actually doing great disservice to the Indian nation - a nation having essentially a plural character.
    Shabbir, Gaya