A very strange Country of the World

Experts, studying the formation of Countries, Nations and History, might interestingly be looking at it, that there is a Country on the Planet Earth which has voluntarily presented itself to the world for its own Destruction. Any Country, can interfere in it, if wishes so. World’s biggest power can make it confess to any crime. In this country there are several terrosrist groups which are destabilizing the country’s system, by carrying out different activities. Surprisingly, inspite of all its disturbed circumstances, it has kept it’s powerful neighbour concerned, by terror activitivities. And it has been doing this consistently, forgetting all its own inside problems. That World’s strange country is Pakistan, and its strange character is discovered by our country India. And in this extraordinary discovery, along with the Government and its agencies, political analysts and media too have a role. Thus, the inside situation of Pakistan is being visualized in scary way, and it is said as Pakistan is now collapsed or about to be.

Creation of Taliban
America too, is concerned with this situation of Pakistan. And thus, to “protect” it, landed with all strength to Pak-Afghan border. For this purpose, in the name of “Taliban”, America has assumed a new enemy, and presenting to the world as a most dangerous terrorist group of the world. American campaign is supported by some other countries, including Pakistan’s ruling authorities. In 21st April, Indian Express, a political analyst Mr Pratap Bhanu Mehta wrote, that due to the presence of Taliban, Pakistan’s freightening situation is beyond the imagination. On 6th April with reference to a theorist on counter terrorism and advisor to the president, David Kilcullen, when news came as “Pakistan will collapse within six months”, Indian media enthusiastically welcomed the news, and for government authorities it was an eve of celebration. It seems that the world media is preparing to celebrate the fall of Pakistan.

A thing not being understood
Anyway, what we have to do with Pakistan. If Pakistani people themselves are inviting the destruction, what someone can do. A thing is not being understood that, why it is carrying out terror activities against our country.? America and other countries think that Pakistan itself is a victim of “Islamic” terrorism, thus needs support. But our government says, “Pakistan itself is a terrorist state, we should not have any sympathy for its internal violence, we just want the revenge for attack on the parliament house and Mumbai attacks”. This is the reason why daily it is announced day and night that “No talks possible with Pakistan until it kills those responsible for Mumbai attacks, and get rid of the terro outfits”. And it is anticipated as “Patriotism” that one should favour the Indian government’s stand and say that Pakistan should stop terror activities here, if doesn’t stop, our country will be justified in making it an unavailing and very strange country in the history.
25/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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