Taliban and Pakistan

“Terrorists were turning to other parts of the country; we now have two choices: to hand over the country to the Taliban, or to fight them.” Said Mr Rahman Malik, head of Interior Ministry of Pakistan, while speaking to newsmen after the attack on Lahore Police Academy. (Hindu, 31 March, 2009). The Minister thus admitted that the attack on the Police Academy was the handiwork of Taliban. The world media including the Indian news agencies had already spread this fact at a speed that it was almost impossible to think of any other possibility. Rahman Malik only confirmed this and it was in line with the American strategy. The USA has found an enemy in the name of Taliban. Having completely devastated Iraq it has now amassed its forces on the Pak-Afghan border so that it can control the whole of South Asia after the two countries are recognized as the centre of international conspiracies. The world was fed up with Osama bin Laden, alQaeda and watching their fake tapes and needed a change. So now it is Taliban.
The Loyalty is Understandable
The Pakistani loyalty with the US is neither sudden nor unexpected. It is in tune with the larger policy. Pakistan became an ally when the US blew its bugle of War on Terror after the 9/11 New York twin towers incident, knowing fully what the call meant and what ideology the US was targeting. Pakistan also surrendered its territorial integrity, sovereignty as well as national pride against a flimsy undertaking from the US that her atomic facilities will be protected. Ever since that moment they continue to obey the Americans accepting their military intrusions, supporting their claims and following their commands. The presence of Mossad agents among the thousands of US troops stationed at the Pak-Afghan border is beyond any doubts. They can easily use the local miscreants in any of their operations.
Who are the Taliban
The Taliban were students of Afghani religious seminaries who took over the reigns of the country after the prolonged in-fighting among the parties there in the wake of Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. They being students of religious schools could not tolerate the immoral and free-for-all liberalism of the US and western culture being imported in the country. American enmity against them was only natural and it toughened still further when they refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to the US without providing any proofs against him. First the Americans used to couple Taliban with Al Qaeda in their cry against terror and bigotry but then replaced al Qaeda with Taliban and waged a comprehensive drive against all practicing and conscientious Muslims the world over. The propaganda is bearing fruit. It is no more common people with little knowledge who are getting influenced by this misinformation campaign but also the educated and elite. The latest example is the remarks by an Indian Supreme court judge Mr Markandeya Katju, rejecting the petition of a secondary school student seeking to sport a beard as his religious right. He wouldn’t like ‘Talibisation of India’, announced the judge. Pakistani officials should be happy that their case against the Taliban is gaining listeners.
07/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: M H Zulqarnain

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