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One phase of the general elections is over which was the first phase, grossly 60% voters exercised their voting power which can be called satisfactory. But in few states there is a downfall. In comparison to 2004 general elections very few votes were cast even less than 50%. One of the reasons for this could also be that, it included those areas which were affected by Naxalite fanaticism and the after-effects are still present. This can also be realized from fact that during polling, there were many incidents of the violence in which many precious lives were lost. The dead also included the security forces. The chief election commissioner was criticized that the decision to carry out elections in all the sensitive areas in one phase was wrong, because as a result of this nearly two dozen security personals lost their precious lives. But the chief election commissioner defended the election commission’s decision and said what was the guarantee that in more than one phase these incidents of violence would not have taken place and many precious lives were not lost. This topic, is in itself a topic of thought and analysis as to why those people who not only decided to stay away from elections but also tried to keep the common man away from it, what was the basic reason behind it? Can’t they be made a part of the main stream? Is there no way to solve their problems? It is even more necessary to pay attention to it, as it is a constant problem which acts as a barrier in the path of peace and prosperity. If it is left just like then the complains will go on increasing. After all even they are a part of our society. This is a seroius issue. If we leave it just as is then not only their complains change to hatred but there is also a chance that the enemy will try to take advantage of it.

A change is expected from this election. Some people say that change is the need of the hour. These elections are taking place at a very critical stage of history, in respect to country's internal condition, the condition of the neighbouring countries and also from the global point of view. Change of power in America has in a way affected the whole world. Naturally, it will have an impact on India. Bangladesh has also undergone change of power recently. Even in Pakistan, power has been transferred to democratic forces. Earlier Monarchy came to an end in Nepal and Democracy was established. Presidential elections will be taking place in Afghanistan. Maldives also has a new government. But there is a state of unrest in all these countries. Recently the Bangladeshi Rifle revolted in their country. Situation in Sri Lanka is also very bad. Being a neighbour the influence of the condition on India is not surprising. In these conditions every humane person will expect a positive and pleasant change. Our politician will hold the key role in this. They should not only take every possible step to make the condition pleasant, moreover it should be their ultimate aim. And or this is necessary that they do not let the conditions become worst. But its observed that during the election campaign, their activities ignite tension. There is sourness in the relationship. They should keep the election campaign dignified and should concentrate on the issues. Public or the voters should be informed of the precarious situation and efforts should be made to improve them. Four phases of general elections are still left for which these points should be considered. Positive and pleasant change can thus be expected from it.
22/04/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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