Lenin had said.

"You all people whose masjids and homes were demolished by zars and cruels of Russia, whose beleives and traditions have been ruined, from today onwards your beleives, your traditions, your national and cultural institutes are free and safe. Now you organize your national life freely and without any hurdles. You desrve that. And be understood very well that like other people of Russia your rights will be protected as well by revolution of Russia, its agencies, soviete workers, soldiers, farmers and representatives of the revolution with the full force. Thus you support the revolution and its self content government. Comredes and brothers ! come on we will march towards an honest and democratic peace. Look on our flags "crushed people's freedom" is written. In Russia Communist Revolution's leader Vladimer Lenin addressed this to muslims in 1917 immediately after Revolution. It was clearly told in that as whatever happened during the oppression of zars of Russia will not happen in Communist rule. Means it was an obvious effort of taking muslim community in confidence and gaining their support.

History record shows
Record of the history shows that during the initial period of the revolution, environment was pleasant, was a type of compromise. Situation started deteriorating when communist rulers started campaign against the religion and took Islam into fold along with the christianity. That is because the origin of communism was atheism and it assumed religion its biggest enemy. The mistake with balshyook rulers was that they wanted to ride all the religion with the same stick. By seeing christian bishops behaviour and situation of the christians, made their mind. The same mistake was done by the founder of commuist way of life Carl Marx. Whereas muslims were not against the spirit of the revolution of 1917. In the distribution of wealth justly, in fulfilling poor, needy, helpless and labourers basic needs and making their standard of life better, muslims were with them in revolution religiously. The fundamental difference was the beleif of one ness of god and the resurrection. Means muslim could work for the same causes with more higher goals. The hereafter salvation, is the noble offer of Islam to the humanity. But alas the revolutionists did not observe this aspect and did not let muslims a chance. If Marx would have observed the Islamic way of life then there could have been a great implementing force the 1917 revolution woul have got.

Why this story recalled
Revolution of Russia story is recalled as on internet "The Jakarta post" in an article "When Lenin and shriah met together" was seen. The author of that is an indonesian citizen Haleem who is doing Ph.D. from the Islamic studies department of an University in Montreal. Though in the article, history of Indonesia, strength of communist movement there before 1955, and todays situation is discussed. And it is mentioned as if communist movement reconsider its stand abouit religion and Indonesian people too accept the services of communist movement in the end of colonial system and then upbringing of it as a free country, then there by the mutual values of Islam and communism an experiment can be done. (The Jakarta Post dot com).... But there is a need that the invitation to understand Islam shuld be given worlwide to coimmunism. There could be two points for debate: 1. Beholders of communist system of life study Islam being honest and unbiased. 2.Cotrary to equal distribution of economic resources, just distribution they should observe oin rational basis. If they did not withdraw from the cause of poor, poor farmers, labourers, then they should try doing this experiment for sure.
25/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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