China, who is our neighbour

60th anniversary of communist rule and the celebration on this event and the military power display by China --- This has been a special topic of world’s attention. Stories of huge development in science and technology in China are very popular in the entire world. China is readily accepted as a very big and more over the second largest rising economic power of the world. But China coming out as a strong military power has become topic of the debate for world political analysts. War experts , who call and wants to be called “defence experts”, turned towards China but with concern. America and its experts being worried over this step forward of China is natural. But in our country there is obvious concern as we are the closest and biggest neighbour of China. Here there did not any response come from government side but notice by media and private experts is taken. TV channels discussed this overnight since 1st October evening. In general this had been presented negatively. Many of the channels called it “Death show”. Next day news papers reports and analysis was towards the same issue.

Secret of the progress
Progress of our biggest neighbour is admirable for our country and for sure, concerning as well. But before anything else this should be looked at as how China did progress so. Experts on nations say that Chinese nation is a very intelligent and hardworking nation. It is not work avoiding or confort seeking. Does not waste time in government and non government holidays. It is not comfort loving, excuse seeking and fashion loving , lead a simple life. Though Chinese people did not give the class of God to their country, they do not worship their land but do really love much. Do not buy and sell patriotism. The largest racial unit of china yan (92%), to keep itself united and to progress , did not target any other race, region or religious group for continued hatred. (Though at times few things happen). There is no official religion for Chinese government. The government has the communist and atheist thinking. On the government level no religious group is supported and none is treated with any discrimination. Among the religious groups biggest is the budhism followers, then Taoism people come, muslims come after that and some are Christians and hindus. But there is not any continued tension among them. Within the country, corruption, or cheating among themselves either does not exist or just a little if any.

Assess the self weakness
Definitely our country has the desire for becoming an influential power in the world like china. Skill of becoming big is also there. Manpower, Natural resources and area wise our country is much more ahead than western countries. But few negative trends come in the way of progress. Three flaws can specially be pointed out. 1) A very big almost half of the population is declared low and least based upon their birth and the same behaviour is continued towards them. This is continued for centuries now. 2) On the basis of religion there is aggressive behaviour towards the religious minorities and that is called the patriotism, and this is considered an act necessary for the strength of the country. 3) Corruption exists on all levels of collective life. Corruption has become the culture of the country which lead to the evils like comfort looking, excuse seeking, and work avoidance. In the presence of such weaknesses it is obvious that no nation of the world can become the world’s big and strong nation. Negative trends take towards the weakness not towards progress. Whereas positive thinking guarantees strength and well being. We should admire the progress of China , not envy. We should adopt an assessing way to see what things we should learn from them to follow.
10/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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