Cast creed and human rights

News came out about U.N. council for huamn rights that it is about to declare the cast and creed and the discrimination based on the birth as violation of human rights. For this purpose the proposal is made active which the council prepared four months ago, but because of the opposition by few countries particularly India and Nepal, it couldn't be presented for debate. But now Nepal changed its stand and actively supporting the proposal. (Times of India 28th Sep). If the present support trend move further then council will present it for approval in general assembly. According to the report this situation is worrisome for India. Because this country was always against making any international law for cast system and untouchability or making it an international issue. International conference against the racism which was held in 2001 in Durban, in the resolution of that conference movement for adding the discrimination by birth and untouchability was initiated too but because of the India's opposition that was failed. At that time here BJP had the central government

Why objection on an international law ?
Here the mind goes towards the fact that if Indian state is against the by birth discrimination and cast system within the country, made tough regulations against it, violators are punished too then why it has objection over making a law and declaring it an evil at the international level ? The explanation for that is that the Indian state is not against the cast system, wants to protect it and keep it as it is, by deriving legal terms like scheduled cast and scheduled tribe its stability is assured. But it is against the cruelty and discrimination based on this system, wants to stop oppression. This country is a biggest upholder of cast system. The act of deviding and describing the lower and higher casts of very well human beings was done here in this land. Outside world is not fully aware of this fact. If in the international issues as per the racism the cast system is added then for the leaders of this system who are the actual rulers of this country there will be serious problems.

Here it is the question of life and death.
Cast and creed system here is the question of life and death. To keep it alive every effort is been put every tyranny is allowed and every trick is used. The very successfull trick was to promote hatred against the religious entities outside this system. With the help is this hatred the awareness of those communities afflicted by this system is suppressed whcih can be brought up against the system. Not only that, to keep this system safe new enemies and artificial problems are created. The hoax of terrorism is one of such artificial problems. Terrorism is refreed towards a biggest religious identity and being defamed. It is their good fortune that America has made it an international issue. The hue and cry of the terrorism has hidden including the actual terrorism (which is seen in Malegaon) all big and the real problems. Among those the cast and creed system is one which is this country's actual and very big problem. In this situation why the upholders of this system will like that this problem come infront of the world and the air from the artificial problem be pinned down.
04/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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