A new naghtiness from south

These days a new wicked term is being coined "Love Jihad". This term came from the southern states kerala and karnatak where evil wishing groups as usual started a propaganda as many hindu and christian girls in a large number being converted to muslims by winning over. And this thing particularly is taking place in colleges. Muslim students and youth first trap them in love mesh then make them muslims. Later on these girls are lead to the way of terrorism as well. Media people are giving the news of this evil wishing according to their own ways and their inner souls. Where some channels and news papers are exaggerating this evil stab, some principled reporters are unveiling the truth of this propaganda as well. Like in 24th October The Hindu, its reporter Sudpoto Mondal did. And as far as the urdu press is concerned as usual the enormous reaction is coming. Kerala and karnatak muslim leaders too sensibly took notice of it, but probably only upto the point of statements. What action plan they have prepared to restrain this new wickedness, we don't know.
What could be the base ?
To defame Islam and muslims the new and strange tricks are being used, this 'love jihad' is newest of them. But before discussing the issue as why they are doing this ? It has to be looked into as how these evil wishers got this idea or what could be the base for it. In the country, whatever is the moral situation of the youth, is not hidden from any of the virtuous citizen. In colleges there is less education and more entertainment. Students spend more time in Fashion, ragging, intoxication drinking, and other immoral activities. And now if some students keep away from these things and concentrate on education, spend time in libraries seeking knowledge, wear decent clothes, behave respectfully with teachers, fellow students and management, naturally they attract those students and girls who already possess these qualities. Girls naturally have these good qualities among them. A survey revealed this as muslim students, boys and girls, in colleges over all refrain from these immoral activities, concentrate on studiesand behave and hold good manners. In this situation if same values sharing students get close and sometimes it reaches to marital relation it is not any strange thing.
This is the fear of moral power.
So this is the base which evil wishers got. And they are making this tiny stone a mountain and doing propaganda that muslim boys on a large scale targeting non muslim girls. More over these evil thinkers fabricated a funny term 'love jihad'. Over this a karnatak leader M.P.Prakash's statement is recalled which as a home minister he gave on 9th July 2007 at Bangalore talking to NDTV. He said "In connection with Glasgo airport terror attacks, the three youth of Bangalore who were arrested, in appearance they look sober, well behaved and full of enthusiasm of serving people, by looking at them no one among people can say that these guys can carry out terror activities or can have such dangerous thoughts. These guys are more dangerous than the road side criminals." (Indian Express 10th July 2007). About arrested three youth kafeel, sabeel and haneef, these information to the home minister were provided by secret agencies. So it is learnt that entire worry should be because of the islamic manners and its expression, and should be there as well. Because in the name of progress and economic well being the evil and immoral storm which is coming from the west, moral syustem of islam is the only hurdle. And this is not just the local issue this is an international campaign.
01/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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