Shastr pooja means worshiping power

"Shastr pooja" means to worship power is a constant act of RSS which is countinuously carried on in sanghatan programs all the time, on some special events this is perfomred openly and publicly also. This year on vijay dashmi (dasehra) event this thing was done on a large scale which because of the TV Channels, and news papers showed at very far places in and ouside the country. Atleast for Gujrat and Madhya pradesh there chief ministers and government officials and police officers too participated in the pooja. The way of pooja is that all the big and small deadly weapons (Rifel, gun, pistol, revolver, arrows, swords and rods etc) are decorated, then formally like lords and lordess they are worshipped. At this event in some ground or boundary the usage of weapons is performed too. Air firing is done, nevertheless of who has the licence and who doesn't. This time in Bhopal a 45 year old worker of RSS died in firing. On the same event AK47 was given in hands of a 7 year old kid of a police officer and made him to fire. State's chief minister did shastr pooja in his government residence and did air shooting.

This is the common tradition here.
That means this time this political group did this with a much noise and hue and did without caring any law, of which media took a little bit of notice and some congress leaders too made somewhat noise. But the reaction of the state did not come forward as it should be on this unlawful and aggressive power display, which could come for even the 100th part of this by some other community. Because showing to worship the power and force is the common nature here. It is accoding to the very big vedik philosopher chanakya teachings. Chanakya's philosophy is that " to run society and government acheive more and more power, show it off, also be lenient to tghe powerful and be sever to the weak." The need for this is felt spcecially after the China-India war in 1962. Deefence budget grown and keeps growing. There is no doubt that our country military wise is a very big and strong country. The newer amunition is being sought. Now very soon modern harop dron plane will also come from

There are many forms of power.
But worshipping power is not just shastr pooja, it has much more meaningful act. Amunition is just a symbol. Mother devi has many forms and types. Kali is one among them which is considered the devi for destruction and damage. That is why its pooja is done on a large scale. The mindset is that, do pooja and have friendship with one who either has power to harm you or can give you some benefit. Also it is that there are many form of power other than the power of ammunition. Political power, wealth and money power, body power, knowledge power, science and technology power, man power, family and community power, diplomacy skills, government and ruling power, media power, speaking power (means speaking to please) etc. every power is considered. Every power is worshipped. This is the reason that people coming from outside ruled strongly for centuries. Though in the form of morality and character they had a very good type of power as well which went off with britishers. But the britishers showed well administrative power which was their own need. Today in the form of America a very big and only one world power is there. So taking that what behaviour is found here , is completely according to this power worshiping.
07/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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