The position of muslims in the world

Whatever is the objective of publishing peo research centre report about present number of the muslims in the world and statistics about that, but this report, in the entire world , western world in particular if not the issue of debate atleast has become the reason for attention for sure. It was shown in the light of numbers and stats as what is the position of those holding Islam as belief. Peo research centre claims that these numbers and stats are authentic which its sub institute ‘forum for religion and public life’ prepared after three years countinuous research in different parts of the world. There are enough reasons to believe that this American institute, which says that its expenses are taken care by a charitable trust, just for the service or welfare of the muslims. There are surely some objectives of America. And those objectives could be that America is trying to influence or control Islamic world by different tactics. These tactics are soft as well and some hard too. Mostly are hard. A survey like this was the need of American policy makers themselves. Thery could have kept this report hidden too, its unknown as what perceptiveness was there in making it public. And the charitable trust reality could nothing else be there but the Christian people and institutes might provide fund.

Possibility of positivity
Whatever might be the america’s objective, report is important for muslim ummah too. First time ever known that its strength on earth is one arawb 57 crores, what country what is the number, also that what is the status of strong belief and practicing Islamic rulings. Though there are many possibilities to doubt and suspicion, for some historical reasons, also the behaviour which people of the book had since the day one with Islam, and the recent reason is the chain of events since twenty years specially after September eleven 2001. But still there is possibility of positivity for some extent. If the editors of the report and the experts on religions honestly and fair heartedly analyse , they can reach to the conclusion easily that Islam is not any new religion for them, but the continuation of Abrahamic tradition. After that there won’t be any difficulty in understanding the belief of muslim ummah that religion of Ibrahim, moses amd Jesus, completed by revelation on Muhammad and now this is the actual Hebrew religion. If those people understand this reality then their policy of conflict and collision would turn to compromise and sympathy instead. And if they see as a matter of fact any problem in accepting it, then atleast they will see that among Islam and western world there are more factors of unity and agreeableness than conflict and differences.

There is a third opponent too
There are two opponents visible for the publishing of peo centre report. America and Islamic world. But there is a third concerned party too. That is the analysts of free countires. Thus on western newspapers and internet sites analysis are coming These analaysis are of two types, negative and unaligned as well. One such critical analysis appeared on “Independent Ireland” blog which is a Christian magazine. In this a fundamental question is debated as Why Islam is spreading so fast and why getting so popular. Then few of its qualities are mentioned: 1. The commandments of Islam are very simple, easy to understand. If you disobey then punishment is certainly there. 2. Islam has confidence in it along with the belief in Allah and doesn’t have to regret for any of its action. 3.In few family matters where there is a strict behaviour with women there is very soft corner for women in Islam. In Islam there is very much respect for women, widows and orphans are taken care very well. 4.Practicing muslims are very much generous and spend in charity. 5.AIDS is very less in muslim countries because sexual rulings are very strict also like Judaism Islam has the tradition of circumscisson. 6.Islam has the uncomparable equality and unity. (EChurchwebsite.org.uk) In the end blog suggested that if Christianity wants to be alive and be popular then should adopt the way like Islam. Thus, it is learnt that the third concerned party is sincerely observing.
22/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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