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Since the statement made by the Union Home Minister Shushil Kumar Shinde that RSS and its political wing BJP have been fanning terrorism in the country and supporting training camps of terrorists and that it is these two parties that are responsible for most of the terror incidents, discussions in the media and hue and cry in Sangh circles are still continuing. Congress and its government are perturbed about the expected effects of this statement; but some of their leaders like Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Iiyar are also supporting the statement. The concern of the Congress is right. Its rival party has benefited with this statement; it has revitalised its body politic. The immediate gain BJP got is that the attention of people has diverted from the inner wrangling on the question of its presidentship. The party has launched a countrywide campaign to instigate the so-called Hindu majority. Like in other issues, Congress has come in defensive position. BJP and its allied circles are demanding the government to quit, saying the Congress and its government should apologise the “Hindus” for this. That is, Shinde had to pay a heavy price for calling terrorists terrorist.

The need of psychological analysis
But whether the Home Minister made this statement knowingly or this true but secret fact slipped out of his mouth? In fact there is a need to do a psychological analysis of it. Shinde is at present Union Home Minister. The responsibility of internal security and law and order rests directly on him. Police and secret agencies are working under him and provide him with every bit of news. However, to take action on this information or not, and if to take action then on which scale, depend on the set policies of the government. And the policy of the government in this regard is the same as that of BJP, the difference lies only in methods. It can also be said that the Home Minister made this statement with a purpose to benefit the BJP, for his political background is also not very much “secular”. Some time ago the Prime Minister too benefited it unconsciously by saying that “the first share in national resources is of Muslims”. But even if we suppose that the purpose of Home Minister was indeed to unmask Saffron terrorism then he did the act carelessly against the set policy of his party and the government. However, the statement is after all true.

Let the standard-bearers of justice come forward
And there are arguments for it. Mr. Shinde made this statement while talking on internal security in a meeting of All India Congress Committee in Jaipur on 20 January. That is, he did not make any political statement in public. It was but natural for him to acquaint the inner forum of his party of a delicate and sensitive issue like law and order. He just forgot that this statement can go public via media and that the statement going public is against the interest of the party. Some people of the party and the government do refer to Saffron terrorism from time to time but do not want to take any action against it. All the thrust of the government is to prove the assumed Muslim terrorism as a fact. And the police and security agencies are doing this work well by arresting Muslim youth. – Therefore it would be wrong to think that Shushil Kumar Shinde and his Home Ministry would take any due action against Saffron terrorism. However, Muslim leadership and all the circles aspiring to take the country onto the path of truth and justice should devise their course of action in the light of the statement made by the Home Minister. 

02/02/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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