Who is speaking this?

“The vote bank politics has ruined the country.” Can you say who said this? Yes, you can say, if you take interest in reading, listening to or watching news, that this was said by chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. And if you have a knack for fun and jokes, you might have cracked a smile at the fact that this is said by a man whose entire politics is the politics of vote bank, and who, with the help of vote bank politics, has reached the fame where media is eulogizing him. The only difference is that his rival parties whom he is alleging of playing vote bank politics are to him doing minority vote bank politics while he and his party openly talk of majority vote bank. If someone challenges you on your opinion about this leader then you have its proper and argumentative answer. Recent proof is that after finishing his political and governmental engagements in Delhi in the first week of February he was scheduled to participate in the Kumbh Mela where special arrangements were made for him. A band of reporters was ready to welcome him there. It is clear that taking a dip there, offering puja and meeting sadhus and sants are also related to majority vote bank politics.

The history of facts
Don’t worry if this proof proves insufficient to the challengers, for you have an entire history of facts. When Modi took charge of chief ministership of Gujarat in 2001, only the RSS cadre and BJP leaders knew him. But when a train was burnt at Godhra station under a conspiracy in February 2002 and Modi under the supervision of his government allowed a killing spree against a community then within no time he became (in)famous in the whole world. He became the hero of a particular group within no time. The vote bank of Gujarat got strengthened and widened – so much wide that during the very period of killings and destruction the state assembly was dissolved and fresh election was declared while there was no reason for dissolution of the assembly, nor the Governor had pronounced any order in this regard, nor had the opposition demanded for it, nor was the BJP in minority there. According to the planning of Modi, the elections were held and this guy came to power once again as the hero. And, along with it, the process of his media fame commenced. The efforts of a particular lobby succeeded.

A question to the claimers of his popularity
Now you ask those, who claim that Modi won fame and “popularity” not because of riots and communalism but developments in Gujarat, as to what development was there at that time. Did Gujarat emerge prosperous all of a sudden during the riots? The fact remains that Gujarat is not so much prosperous and developed as Modi and his supporters are claiming. Numerous analyses made by economic and development experts bear witness to it. The only cause of the fame of Modi is anti-Muslim riot and his diatribe; Modi has created this vote bank with propagation of hate and animosity. He refused to accept a skull cap presented by a Muslim citizen merely with the fear of disenchanting majority vote bank. Then it is also a fact that Modi has won only fame, not popularity. And behind this fame is working a strong lobby and wide media network. – Now if such a person says that “the vote bank politics has ruined the country”, what a greater joke than this there would be? Yes, if one talks of vote bank politics about Modi and his party, it would be quite right. The chief minister of Gujarat said this while delivering a memorial lecture at Sri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi on 7 February. A strong protest against his arrival was also staged there. The slogan of “Killer, killer” was also raised but the media did not pay much attention to it.

13/02/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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