“Democracy and Sexual Freedom”

An ‘academic’ of the Oxford University is of the view that human society should now be quite free from sexual repression and every person should have total sexual freedom. This ‘academic’ wants the mindset of society be like we think of democracy. That is, as in democracy everyone is free at the levels of thought and action, similarly he should be free at the sexual plane as well. The argument of this academic is that to be happy is the right of every individual; individuals should be free to decide what makes them happy and sexual freedom is a part of this freedom. The research of this Oxford scholar named Faramerz Dabhoiwala is that “sexual repression is a matter of pre-18th century days when people used to act upon the teachings of the Bible and understood that these restrictions were imposed by God and sex outside marriage was considered a great sin. The Old Testament said adulterers should be stoned. But after the 18th century there began a change in the people’s mindset and today sexual freedom holds the fundamental position in the modern western thinking.”

Yesterday and Today
Dabhoiwala has also published a book on the subject, having read which Srijana Mitra Das, a Times of India reporter talked to him (13 February). According to him, there was no concept of freedom of woman till the 18th century; she was considered only subordinate to man but thereafter people shook themselves off the idea that the Bible is the literal word of God. People having been shorn of that solitary text (way of life) started thinking of living a life according to nature and reason. This
‘academic’ is happy that this western sexual culture is spreading rapidly in the urban habitations of India and the women’s lib movement is getting stronger here. – Much is not known about this Oxford academic but with this article it seems that he is a man of western thinking and wants that this thinking promotes in India as well; and thanks to his good luck, this mean thinking of the unbridled society of the west has already been spreading in this country. Here court verdicts are being pronounced in favour of homosexuality and sexual relationships outside marriage. The world today is seeing with its eyes the real form of what people even couldn’t imagine twenty years ago.

Apprehensions proved true
And thus all the apprehensions and worries expressed by apolitical scholars and Muslim economists at the advent of capitalist system of the west twenty years ago are now proving true. After the end of the cold war America announced to impose its capitalist system on the whole world. India is at the top of the countries that welcomed American aspirations at the cost of their own political interests. The Brahmanic rulers of the Republic of India did so knowing fully well that capitalism is not a mere economic system which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer rather it also brings with it its immoral social system. This ruling class was sitting pretty ready for it had full capacity to merge it with its ancient sexual traditions. And the community which had an alternative system and which had the power to counter the western system, was not active while it remains the fact that if it had made efforts in this direction it might have got support from the scholars in the country. Now when the western concepts of sexual freedom are getting deeper and deeper here every passing day, there is still a chance that it be taken as a challenge.

22/02/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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