Christian leader and family system

The leader of Catholic Christians, Pope Benedict XVI is very much worried about diminishing traditional family values. He has expressed his concern on many occasions in recent days. Now he is of the view that the trend of ‘gay marriage’ (same-sex marriage) has created major threats to family. He made the latest expression of this concern in his special address in Vatican City towards the end of 2012, on 21 December. He condemned the laws granting consent to same-sex marriages, saying that it is tantamount to revival of the wayward society of the socialist era. (The Asian Age, 22 December) Pope said that new concepts of the traditional family and evils like gay marriages will at last land the very existence of man in danger. As a result of these moral changes, unreal humans will come into existence. Pope condemned the scholars and policy makers who advocate the process of making a woman man and man woman. To the Pope the survival of the traditional family, made up of father, mother, and child is necessary.

Will the Christian world listen?
It is a matter of pleasure that the world leader of a large section of Christians has pinpointed a major threat of today, condemned it and also warned the world against it. All the right-thinking people of the world will support him; the Muslim Ummah the world over specifically supports his statement and standpoint, for the stand of Islam on family is also the same; and if there is a philosophy of life dead against same-sex marriage, it is Islam. But will the statement of Pope leave any effect on that world and its leaders who are its special addressees? That world is the Christian world, the west, the leadership of which is in the hands of America, wherefrom sprout all moral evils like same-sexism and its filth spreads all over the world. Its filthy culture is warmly welcomed in semi-developed countries which wish to emerge as a “big economic power” to influence the world. The Pope before Pope Benedict also used to advance good pieces of advice, but the west accepted only those which their materialistic and carnal interests allowed them to.

Advise the Pope
The Pope has taken the notice of the situation as a time when it has crossed all limits. Christian faith and religion should have been taken care of at the time when the Church was being separated from the State, and the Jews were tightening their grip on it. After this task was accomplished in America and Europe towards the end of the 18th century the Jews threw the Christians and the western world onto the path of carnality and sensuality. Later on Zionism further deepened this menace to serve its typical agenda. The situation could have been saved by bringing it back to the real faith of Jesus viz. Islam but Zionism did not let the Church and its leaders to find any such opportunity. The Christian fraternity also did not care much for it. It only considers Sunday Services and giving out some part of the income in charity to be enough. Now when Pope Benedict XVI is expressing concern over the menace, his concern should be respected. And a kind of respect is also that he should be advised to read and understand the faith of Islam and its social system. If there are some Muslim scholars in Europe, they must do this work.

28/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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