“Never forget, never forgive”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam wants India to adopt ‘never forget and never forgive’ attitude on the question of terrorism as America and Israel have done. According to him, these two countries are ensuring their solidarity by adopting stiff attitude towards terrorists; India too should do the same. Not only this, he also wants that these three countries should come together with an integrated task force to tackle the threat of terrorism. He says that America and Israel attack the hubs of terrorism only in those countries that are hostile to them and these attacks generally prove successful. That is, now India too should adopt this method. This stiff attitude of America and Israel has helped greatly in making the lives of the peoples of the two countries safe and secure. The former President expressed these views while delivering the R.N. Kao memorial lecture in New Delhi on 25th January. The lecture was organised by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). R.N. Kao was one of the founders of this secret agency.

The language of the lecture
The reports of the lecture published in the newspapers of 26th January with reference to P.T.I. show that the entire lecture was on this line, and the language employed against terrorism and terrorists therein is the same as used by the hard-core elements of the government and politics as well as all secret agencies including RAW. Now it is not known whether Dr. Abdul Kalam wrote this lecture himself or got it written by some of his assistants or some officer of RAW prepared it. Whatever the fact, the text of the lecture will be deemed his. Dr. Kalam is a missile scientist, is called the missile man, and the work of a missile is destruction, not construction. In this regard, his views are in consonance with his profession. But since he is a responsible apolitical citizen, had been the President of the Republic of India, and as President presents talks of very constructive, high moral and just nature, these views of his appear somewhat awkward; that is they do not behove his position and status. Rising above politics and superficial patriotism, he should have guided the public thought as well as the government.

It would have been better if…
But if the suggestions advanced in the lecture are his own, it would have been better if he had described the meaning of terrorism and pinpointed some incidents which to him are acts of terror. But as he has referred to the methods adopted by America and Israel, it is clear that to him the meaning of terrorism is the same as America and Israel believe; that is, he has no independent opinion of his. The source of his information is also provided by America. After the 9/11 drama America and Israel are staging terrorism the world over and by projecting them as “real incidents” they are holding a particular way of life and its followers responsible for them. America is killing innocent citizens including little boys and girls by drone attacks on the northern regions of Pakistan in the name of countering terrorists and Dr. Abdul Kalam is declaring them as “successful” and exemplary. America and Israel killed lakhs of human beings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and are killing even today. But I cannot recall Dr. Abdul Kalam ever condemned those terrorist countries. Is there any citizen having conscious conscience in the country who can talk to Dr. Sahib on this subject?

04/02/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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