That Rapper of France

She was a famous and popular singer of France. Every song of hers was a great hit. She was very much busy in her work. Her fame resonated even outside France, in other countries of Europe. But three years ago she suddenly secluded herself from public life, and speculations of sorts were being made. Then in the first week of October she suddenly appeared on TF1, a TV channel in France, in a completely changed posture so much so that it was difficult for the French viewers to recognize her at the first glance. She was in Hijab, and no French citizen had any doubt that it was Islamic Hijab, because due to serious opposition to Hijab or scarf in France Hijab has been greatly introduced there; everyone there knows what an Islamic Hijab or scarf is. Then she stunned the viewers with her revelation that she had reverted to Islam, and that too after deep understanding and close reading of the Qur’ān. This singer is Melanie Georgiades, known as Diam’s. Alarabiya.net published this story of Diam’s in great detail on October 2; parts of this story were also published in some Urdu newspapers on October 3.

And her entire inner self got changed
Diam’s narrates the voice of her conscience that during the last days of her life as a singer she was suffering from depression and took help of drugs to overcome it; she was torn of life; meanwhile when one day she was talking to a Muslim acquaintance in Paris, she suddenly told her that it was time for Salat for her and that she was going to the centre to say the prayers. Diam’s insisted that she too would go there and see what a Salat is and how it is performed. She says that when she prostrated along with her Muslim friend she felt change in her inner self and enjoyed comfort and serenity, the type of which she had never experience earlier. Thereafter she went to Mauritius, where she studied the Qur’ān and Islamic literature and after having been fully convinced reverted to Islam. She said good-bye to her past; now she is a new person and Muslimah. As for purdah she says that it is enjoined by Shari’ah and every Muslim woman should abide by it. She takes the opposition to Islamic norms in France as violation of the tradition of tolerance in France.

Various causes and reasons
And this feeling of Diam’s is the feeling of every woman in the west who experiences the Islamic faith and puts it into practice. Reports of reversion to Islam surface on the internet and most of them are those of women. Every such woman narrates her experience. Causes and reasons are different. Some are attracted by monotheism in Islam; some others by the way Salat is offered; yet some others by Islamic concepts of trustworthiness, modesty and forgiveness. Some women are attracted by the Qur’ānic statement of Prophet Isa (Jesus), and after reversion to Islam declare that they became Christians then in the real sense. Many say that they have not changed their religion, rather realized their religion in its true sense and that they have reverted to their religion. But most of the women reverting to Islam in the west are those who realize the rights and status Islam gives to women and the respect and dignity they get in the Islamic society – and this is the real cause of fear and worry of anti-Islam forces. Their concerted efforts are that women in the west do not get introduced to the realities of Islam.

04/ 11/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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