“Why this feeling of Muslims”

“As a member of a minority community I can see after all why a Muslim feels he has not been understood better. But the question is why active Muslims are not trying to tell us in detail and make us understand all about Islam. For example, I want to understand Islam with good intention and in this regard my mind is quite open. There are also other persons like me who want to understand this religion without any prejudice; therefore the teachings of Islam be made clear to us. Ours is such a country where all major religions of the world are present. Besides those few persons who exploit religion for their political and other objectives, we (Indians) have been tolerant towards other religions, other languages and traditions.” This is the gist of a letter published in the English daily The Hindu on 9th November. And the context of this letter is the discussion on the award given to a foreign author VS Naipaul at Mumbai Literature Festival and its opposition. Naipaul is a treacherous and perjurer writer.

It’s our enjoined obligation
But at this time the award to Naipaul is not under discussion; for the disease that those having a particular mind and thinking are being awarded is common. The use of the innocent girl Malala of Pakistan for Nobel Prize also presents this mentality. The opinion of Susan Jacob, a Christian letter writer from Chennai is under discussion here; the spirit of this letter is that a Non-Muslim wants to understand Islam with good intention and without any bias, and suggests to Muslims to do this work. Muslims should do this work not because the present time is hard and full of trials for the Muslim Ummah, Islam is being attacked from all quarters, efforts are on to defame and harass the Muslim Ummah at international level – hence the need to propagate Islam so that they might get rid of this ordeal – but because it is the assigned duty of Muslim Ummah and every member of it; they have to do this work in every condition. Whether the condition is cordial or otherwise, this Ummah has been raised for this very purpose. The success and welfare of the entire humanity is its objective and to draw the attention of human beings towards their Creator and Master is its responsibility.

Pinpointing a fact
But the letter of Susan Jacob is pinpointing the fact that Muslims are indifferent to this obligation. Let’s take this very country. Dawah and propagation is being carried out but not at the level this country needs. The Islamic movement is doing this work formally in a planned manner. Besides, some other organisations and individuals are also busy in distributing the copies of Qur’ān and Islamic literature in their own respective ways but they are not getting the support from the general community to the extent required. There should be a situation in which every Muslim who has even some conscious knowledge of Islam should strive for Dawah wholeheartedly. Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) caused the greatest revolution in human history within a short period of 23 years on the basis of Dawah. Today the responsibility for this work rests with his Ummah. The other fact mentioned in the letter of Susan is that a majority of masses are unprejudiced. Indeed the Islamic Dawah will have no impact on those who are doing anti-Islam propaganda in a planned manner, as a long-term conspiracy; but those are not affected by this propaganda will definitely accept the impact of Dawah.

16/ 11/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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