What does Khap Panchayat want?

The Khap Panchayat of Haryana wants the Government to lower the age of marriage of boys and girls, and that when they (youth) reach the marriageable age, they should be allowed to get married legally. This move would help contain crimes against girls. The representative of Maha Panchayat, Sube Singh, in a statement at Rohtak, went to the extent of saying that films and TV serials, in which the teen-aged are presented in sexually enticing and fashionable dresses, are responsible to a great extent for sexual crimes and excesses against girls. This creates sensual sentiments in teen-aged boys and girls prematurely, and they experience it in their practical life. Besides, modern culture and lifestyle also is a great cause for the waywardness and sexual anarchy of the tender-aged. – (The Times of India, October 6) Earlier, leader of Jat Mahasabha of Haryana, Om Prakash Man had also made such a demand. The leader of Meham Chaubeesi Khap Panchayat, Randhir Singh also supports this demand. In the backdrop of these statements of Jat and Khap leaders are the incidents of sexual assaults on young girls that took place recently in Delhi and Haryana.

Government won’t do it
After a hue and cry raised by some quarters, certain Khap leaders and Khap panchayats rejected the said statement or proposal or kept themselves aloof. The leaders of Khap Maha Panchayat and Jat Maha Sabha seem to be educated, far-sighted and realistic. They should have stuck to their demand; however they should not have expected its approval from the government. For, this government has been practicing double standard. On the one hand it raises voice against social and sexual crimes and enacts stringent laws but on the other hand creates and promotes all those causes and grounds that serve as the source of these crimes; on the one hand it highlights the ill effects of wine with the help of big advertisements and hoardings and warns against the dangerous and fatal consequences of its consumption but on the other hand ever widens the network of government liquor shops and centers so that the government exchequer might be strengthened. Then this situation should also be seen in the backdrop of globalization and the aspirations of being the world power. The obscenity, nudity and waywardness which the Khap and Jat leaders are complaining against are being imported from the west. The government will not lower the age of marriage because it will stop the foreign aid received in the name of birth control.

Awake the society
The social disaster modern culture can create as pinpointed by the leaders of Haryana was also highlighted by the chief minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee in a function in Kolkata on October 15. These leaders must raise such issues with the government. But the real work is to revolutionize the society against these moral ills. (And for this) all those sections and religious groups, who are fed up by these issues, will have to be brought to one platform. As for Muslims, they agree hundred per cent with the Khap and Jat leaders in regard to sexual crimes. A representative conference of all these leaders should be convened in which a united, common course of action should be devised. First of all, attention will have to be paid to media which is the biggest source of promotion of obscenity, shamelessness, nudity and waywardness. And, why only sexual crimes? This media is also the source of promotion of social and religious injustice. If Khap, Jat and Muslim leaders do this work jointly, it would be a great service to the country. Every sensible person of every section of society will support them.

28/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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  1. "I think its very good, and Islam also order it, good step to stop crimes against women"