One thousand five hundred years ago

One thousand five hundred years ago, when governor of Yemen Abraha established a church in Yemen to compete with Ka’ba, people did not pay attention to it. And when, under the pretext of avenging the desecration of the church, he marched towards Makkah with an intention to demolish Ka’ba, he had thought thus Ka’ba would be removed from the face of the earth and people would start believing in the church. But his strategy did not succeed; Ka’ba remained protected. With this entire move, the objective before Abraha was only to make Yemen rather than Makkah the spiritual and trade centre of the Arab world. – But today, after the passage of one thousand five hundred years, if the imperialist forces have the same intention about Ka’ba, their objective is much more than that of Abraha. They have nothing to do with spirituality and trade as they are already in occupation of natural resources in the Gulf. The real issue before them is as to what is the attraction in Islam that people from every corner and every quarter of the world move towards the Harmain Sharifain. Muslims’ presence around Ka’ba presents a unique show of human unity. All distinctions of race and complexion, language and locality come to a naught there. All of them appear in one single colour; and one single Kalima is there on their tongues.

The concern is quite appropriate
Yes, the concern of these forces is quite appropriate as the scene Ka’ba presents is like this. And its true observation can be had only by looking at it with open eyes there itself, not with the picturesque presentation in photographs, films, video-graphs, cameras and speeches as the latter can present it only at surface level. The difficulty with imperialist forces is that they form opinion while sitting at a long distance and as such they are deprived of the reality. But those who observe such scenes in an unprejudiced manner and are in search of the Truth shake themselves of the exploitative culture and take refuge under the Truth. In this regard women are ahead. This is also a big cause for the concern of imperialist forces. We Muslims feel cheerful and elated at such scenes but let’s ask these ill-conceived forces what they feel at such scenes. Their peace by day and sleep at night get vitiated. They fail to understand what they should do – how to destroy this extraordinary show of human unity, and how to present an alternative to it.

A Question?
Now the question is why after all the imperialist and exploitative forces want to break this human unity. The answer is that human disintegration, cultural clash, geographical conflicts, clashes based on race and colour distinction and lingual tussles form the bases for their existence. But for these they cannot live. When their objective is disintegration of society, how can they tolerate the oneness of man that Islam envisages? However, this is an opportunity for the lovers of this unique show of human unity to knock with reference to this unity at the hearts of imperialist forces and those under their influence. During the Hajj this year an attempt was made from the precincts of Ka’ba to give this very message to masses that they should look at this human unity in a positive, not negative, light, and try to understand that Islam wants the welfare of all and sundry and not otherwise for anyone. If the forces that are at enmity with it realise it and come towards it, the Muslim Ummah is ready to extend warm welcome to them. 

07/ 11/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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