Fifty Years Ago

When the leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind founded a distinguished educational institution at Bilariyaganj in the man-fertile district of Azamgarh in Eastern Uttar Pradesh 50 years ago, the situation was very adverse; there was paucity of resources and no opportune time to think over the future course of action; however the idea was that the institution would train new generations purely in accordance with the Qur’ān and Sunnah, keeping from the prevalent sectorial concepts and rising above every kind of narrow-mindedness and parochialism. And also that it would acquaint the students with modern branches of knowledge so that after graduating therefrom they emerge strong enough from employment point of view; and that after graduation if they want to do specialisation in certain branch of Islamic learning, they might be admitted in any national or international institution. These wishes of the founders of Jamiatul Falah, their concerted efforts and their supplications did work and today after the passage of 50 years this institution has emerged as a strong, fruit-bearing tree, wherefrom thousands of students, male and female, are being benefited and spreading the light of knowledge at home and abroad. There is no sectorial restriction on these students; with regard to Deen the windows of their minds are opened totally so as to allow them to adopt whatsoever way they like in accordance with the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

A distinguished institution of its kind
In this way, Jamiatul Falah Bilariyaganj is a distinguished and only institution of its kind that teaches respect for all schools of thought and lending cooperation to all in goodness and piety. And it is also a fact that Jamiatul Falah enjoys the cooperation of Ulema of the various sects and institutions and these Ulema treat it with respect. It was greatly witnessed during the Golden Jubilee celebrations of this Jamia in the third week of November. The Ulema participated in the various sessions of the three-day celebrations but the way the Ulema and scholars expressed their feelings and thoughts in the Ulema Convention in the evening of November 16 was extraordinary. The gist of what they said is that all of them irrespective of their sectorial and group affiliations want the success of Islam and the resurgence of the Ummah. As for international challenges to education and tarbiyah, their viewpoint is that the Muslim Ummah in India should face them with full confidence and courage, and establish a harmonious fusion of Islamic and modern education so that the new generation might go ahead and face modern challenges at both fronts.

The future of Jamia is bright
Most of the founders of Jamia have departed to the Lord Almighty with success. Some are alive even today. In Akhirah those who have witnessed the Golden Jubilee celebrations and their auspicious scenes would tell the deceased that the objective with which they had established the Jamia is near completion. The functionaries of the Jamia today are making concerted efforts for the progress of Jamia with zeal and enthusiasm. Their concern and commitment was quite evident on the occasion of Golden Jubilee celebrations. Besides the sequence of programme and preparation for arrangements, the educational exhibitions of students were telling that the future of Jamiatul Falah Bilariyaganj is secure and bright. Organising the Golden Jubilee celebrations was indeed a great challenge. There might be some lacking in setting the programme – some topics that should have been there could not be included – and the participants might have felt some trouble but as a whole this programme was a great achievement. We hope nay believe that after this programme new ways of the progress of Jamia would open and soon it would be included among the most important educational institutions in the country, Allah willing.

25/ 11/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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