That lunatic of Norway

Anders Breivik says that the action he took to kill dozens of humans at a place in Oslo was the result of his hatred for Muslims. And this hatred he had nurtured right from his childhood when he was very young. In an Oslo court on Jun 4, he explained in great detail the cause of his hatred with reference to his experiences. For example, the Turk father of his friend had broken his bicycle; when he was 15 years old, a Pakistani taxi driver had slapped him for his hanging by a car on the way; a citizen of Kosovo had threatened his friend; someone had attacked the younger sister of his friend with a knife, although he cannot say with certainty who he was yet it is his opinion that he must have been a Muslim. – After having heard his statement, the judge asked him whether he had also some positive experience with Muslims. Then Breivik said that the good about Muslims is that they are very loyal. (The Indian Express, Jun 5, with reference to Associated Press)

This story has been concocted
This Anders Breivik is the same person who on Jul 22, 2011 fired incessantly and killed 77 persons and rendered dozens injured at a public place in Oslo. Initially the international Zionist media had reported that this too was an act of “Islamic terrorists” but Anders was caught soon and confessed the crime; so the media did not get the opportunity to carry forward the story (as a few years ago after killing Pramod Mahajan in Mumbai his brother presented himself in the police station and thus the mischief-mongers had no opportunity to weave the story). However the media and experts in Muslim enmity got success in teaching him another lesson that he had committed this act as an expression of his hatred for and enmity with Muslims while everyone can feel that this story of his is ridiculous. The causes of his Muslim enmity that he has mentioned are insufficient for nurturing hatred for an entire community. Going through his entire story, the most that can be observed is that he is a member of some right wing group and that he hates every foreigner irrespective of who he is.

More probable
But what seems to be more probable rather proper to a great extent is that Anders Breivik is an imbalanced person; his mental balance is not in order. It is in this mental condition that he committed this act. The angle of Muslim enmity is quite beyond comprehension as he claims having hatred for and enmity with Muslims but fires incessantly and kills his own countrymen. Does this ever happen? The fact remains that the story of the script writer of Breivik is lifeless. However in his entire statement that he made in the court on Jun 4 only one thing is considerable rather meaningful that he sees the Muslims as very loyal. This remark of his just reverses the remaining story. It is quite possible that this is the only remark that he said outspokenly while replying to a question of the judge and the remaining story might have been prepared by the lawyers. His sentence shows that he had had an opportunity to be in contact with Muslims. – If some reliable and unbiased agency analyses the entire story of Anders Breivik, some interesting facts come to light. However there is great contrast between Breivik’s statement and this statement of his.
13//06/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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