The feeling of Goa Church

The feeling of Catholic Church in Goa is that “Israeli tourists visiting the State ‘were devoid of human emotions’, do not care for the feelings and emotions of other people, do very immodest and obscene acts among themselves, get intoxicated every time, their nights here never end, do not hesitate in switching partners.... Their dominating nature and other monkey business drives away other tourists....” Goa Catholic Church has expressed these feelings in an open letter to the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre (The Asian Age, Jun 12). Deccan Herald and IANS reports say that these feelings of the Church functionaries are the result of their observations and surveys of many years. A book has also been published on this subject. Besides Goa, information has been sought from Israel and Palestine. It is to be mentioned here that it is mandatory for every citizen of Israel to get military training. The Government of Israel sends those getting this 3-year training to Bangkok, Goa and Bali on tour to get entertainment and “relaxed”.

And this chain of information
During the last few days there were many news items on Israel and Zionists. On Jun 11, an inscription was found written on the wall of Holocaust Museum: “Thank you Hitler [for the Holocaust]... Only because of the Holocaust did we receive a state....” On the wall there were also some slogans criticising the state of Israel and Zionism. Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University, in his Hebrew book, has proved that that the term ‘Land of Israel’ or ‘Land of Maud’ is the invention of Zionists that has nothing to do with reality. The establishment of the state of Israel is wrong, illegal, immoral and irreligious in every respect. Israel’s state comptroller, in his report, has severely criticised the decision of Benjamin dispensation, whereby the Turkish flotilla was attacked on May 31, 2010. This flotilla was bound to Gaza and 600 persons were aboard it. Nine persons were done to death in the Israeli attack. The comptroller has said that this decision was totally wrong; for this Israel has earned worldwide criticism. (The Indian Express, Jun 14) The Vatican has clarified that the recent financial agreement with Israel does not mean acceptance of East Jerusalem as part of Israel.

Details of these contentsIf you browse the Internet, you will find hundreds of pages on details of the conspiracies for the establishment of the Zionist state, the atrocities it has committed against humanity during the last 64 years, the dangerous moral evils it has been spreading all over the world, how Americans have been using it to server their interests, and the dangers it has posed to world peace and human morality. But for the time being the voice coming from Goa deserves our immediate attention. Though the Government of Goa and its Department of Tourism do not believe in high moral order and obscenity is being promoted at its coasts under state patronage yet its Department of Tourism is perturbed with the highly immoral activities of Israelis. Ten thousand Israeli citizens visit Goa every year. The Catholic Church there that represents four lakh Christians, has raised its voice against their sexual anarchy and waywardness. This voice cannot be neglected. The Union Government ought to take serious notice of it before this moral depravity affect the social fabric of the country.
19//06/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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