Egypt – the biggest question

If we analyse the situation unfolding in Egypt right from the Tahrir Square protests last year till date and ask the question as to which is the single question, the answer of which should be sought on preferential basis, to most of people that question would be: How did Ahmad Shafiq get so many votes? The Tahrir Square Movement was against the 30-year despotism of Hosni Mubarak and all the institutions and individuals associated with it. In this view, any person of that government should not have dared to come before the public, not to say of an important part of that oppressive regime being the candidate for the topmost position in the country and his reaching almost the level of Ikhwan candidate in both the rounds of election. Were the Egyptian people so foolish to get the same filth imposed upon them after it was annulled by their struggle against it? This is indeed a big question rather the biggest question. But one question is bigger than this. And that is about the silence of so-called lovers of democracy, advocates of democracy and banner-holders of democracy against the attempts being taken one after another to kill the new-born democracy in Egypt.

It’s already apprehendedIt was already apprehended that this democracy emerging from the western methods would not be liked by the westerners themselves and their Asian followers because they knew that the emergence of democracy in Egypt meant the emergence of Islamists, which they cannot bear at any cost. Even then it was thought that just out of shame and out of requirement of their being pro-democracy they would voice against the despotic measures of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces. But it didn’t happen. First of all the military despots disqualified on petty excuses the Ikhwan candidate Khairat al-Shater and the candidate of Al-Noor; no one reacted; and then much against their own devised principle that no one from the Mubarak cabinet can be a candidate (for presidential poll), they allowed Ahmad Shafiq to fight the election (rather they fielded him), but it didn’t affect the western world even a bit. Then they most brazenly dissolved the elected parliament in the broad-day light; but America and all its democratic allies kept mum. And seeing the signs of Morsi win on June 17 issued the orders that the powers of president would be limited, and real power will rest with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. The banner-holders of democracy did not feel perturbed save and except the Pentagon expressed customary sorrow.

The benefit of this dualism
Then the biggest question about Egypt must be nothing but this. But the problem is that who will discuss it; international media is in the service of these killers and forces of exploitation and Indian media follows the suit. None has the moral strength to stop the killers of democracy in Egypt. It is so because if anyone does so, he would have to face the charge of supporting Ikhwan. – However there is one benefit of this situation that all the drum-beaters of western democracy stood revealed before at least those persons who are gentle by nature and feel hurt by this mockery with the people’s aspirations in Egypt. Such persons are silent and not active while the entire media is in the hands of liars and perjurers – and as for Ikhwan al-Muslimoon, this situation is not unexpected for them. They have been bearing such excesses of Egyptian army and its western masters; their physique is by the grace of Allah very strong; their faith is unshaken. They will come out with flying colours, if Allah so wills.
25// 06/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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