A tale of a Pakistani doctor

With reference to Pakistan and America, there has been regularly in news these days a Pakistani doctor who, according to his and America’s claim, had helped America in getting Osama bin Laden caught in Abbottabad. It was the news that this doctor named Shakil Afridi had claimed to have got a sample of the DNA of Bin Laden with the help of a vaccine and informed the CIA about it, after which this American agency narrated to the world the story of killing Bin Laden in an air attack on a house in Abbottabad. A few days ago the news was that a tribal court of Khaibar Agency declared the doctor perfidious and pronounced a sentence of 33 years. Then there was the news that America expressed its displeasure thereon as it treats the doctor as a hero and its faithful. Then it was in the news that the government of Pakistan most humbly and meekly communicated to Washington that the latter should respect the Pakistani laws. And now the current information in this regard is that the Pakistani court had sentenced the doctor not for coordinating with the CIA but for helping “Islamic extremists” (The Times of India, May 31).

The US purpose was something else
And thus the apprehension of those who had been applauding Pakistan for its courage and sense of honour, was removed though this government itself was in cooperation with America in the American action in Abbottabad. This is another matter that America did not deem it necessary to take Pakistan in confidence before the action as the ruled are not taken in confidence. But when later on it issued an order to dismantle the house in Abbottabad, the Pakistanis did not make any delay in complying with it. But the purpose of Americans with this entire episode of the Pakistani doctor was something else, which was served. Although the world believes the tale of killing of Bin Laden in Abbottabad yet there is a large segment of masses which takes it no more than an American drama like the drama of “9/11”. And it is the concerted effort of Americans that this segment too accepts this lie as a gospel truth. So, like “9/11”, news about Abbottabad is released with periodic intervals so that people might believe that the person killed on May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad was none but Bin Laden. There is no doubt that they get success in playing this mischief; otherwise why the tribals of Khaibar Agency would have called that doctor treacherous ; they also believe that none but Bin Laden lived in that house of Abbottabad.

And this sentimental segment of ours
And not to say of the tribals of Khaibar Agency only, a sentimental segment among Muslims that has surface-level thinking believes in American tales. Certain Urdu newspapers represent this segment. Therefore, while analysing the news related to the Pakistani doctor they do criticise America in the severest terms but unconsciously they are serving its cause in the sense that they are accepting that the person killed in the house of Abbottabad was none but Osama – while the story of the Pakistani doctor is clear that he was a character in the American drama. He neither took a sample of DNA nor did he see any person like Bin Laden. He was just asked to make a statement for which he was paid heavily by the CIA because this Dr Shakil Afridi is a characterless and X-rated person as the Pakistani authorities themselves have said about him. He has a lust for money and wants to have money by any means. Characterless persons can do anything for money. And as for we the simple Muslims, we would take time in seeing through the depths and intricacies of conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and the Ummah that we do not have.
10//06/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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