That 23-year old Israeli soldier

He was 13 years old when he along with his family reached Israel from Tajikistan. This was his new native land. When he was 18, he had to undergo mandatory military training and do military service as per Israeli law. Now he is 23 and hates the state of Israel. He has renounced his new native land and wants to adopt Palestinian citizenship and settle down over there. Not only this, he wants to be part of the Palestinian Resistance Movement. “I hate Zionism ... I call for other Israelis who support the existence of a state of Palestine to do the same, to come live in the West Bank or Gaza as Palestinians.” (The Indian Express, June 15, with reference to A.P.) Releasing this news, the agency has said that the incident of Andre Pshenichnikov is one of the incredibly rare ones that take place. There are only a few known cases of Jewish Israelis who have done so, mostly ones who have married Palestinians.
The news that is killedBut this is not wholly true. The fact remains that such incidents take place in a considerable number if not at large scale. This is another matter that they are not reported. Israel is a prison not only for the Palestinians but for its own citizens as well. There is strict censorship on media; everyone cannot report every incident. There has been news that common citizens especially aged Jewish citizens support the Palestinian cause; some of them live with Palestinian Muslims while some others support them from their own places. The most important fact in this regard is that certain Jewish citizens turn back to their real faith viz. Islam after getting influenced with the behaviour of Palestinian Muslims, their sense of service and their solid arguments about their faith. And this is the fact that the government of Israel keeps unreported. Two departments of Hamas, Dawah and Social Service, play a very important role in this regard and this is what the government of Israel fears most.
The headache of the occupying governmentYes, this is a big headache of the Tel Aviv administration. This is why it does not want the Jewish citizens to meet the Palestinians especially Hamas people and maintain contact with them. It is for this purpose that they put embankments on the Palestinian borders and from time to time seal the borders, sometimes in the name of preventing stone-pelting and some other times to stop without-permit Palestinian labourers. This is one of the causes of Gaza siege. – The Department of Social Service of Hamas is perhaps the most active among the Departments of Social Service of Islamic Movements, which renders service to the needy despite its limited resources irrespective of religion and faith. The aged Jewish citizens, who have none to look after them, are especially in contact with Hamas. Besides the needy, those who are not in need also maintain contact with Hamas and talk to them on faith issues and on the history of Prophets. – It is not known yet what the source of inspiration for the change of heart of Andre Pshenichnikov, who migrated from Tajikistan to Israel, is. If probed, a new story of the mischief of the Zionist state would come to light.

22// 06/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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