This grief and anger is natural but…

It was but natural for the Muslims the world over to feel aggrieved and angered at the news that came to light in the second week of May saying that “in a military college in the American State of Virginia one subject taught to the under-training military men is about the religion of Islam but in a way that instead of teaching Islam honestly Islam is presented as the enemy of America and humanity; the army instructor Matthew Dooley went to the extent of saying that Islam (Allah forbid) should be obliterated and if need be atom bombs should be dropped on Makkah and Medina in the manner of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”. Therefore severe reaction is coming from every section of Muslim Ummah; America’s enmity of Islam is being condemned. It is so because it has hurt the feelings of every Muslim. – But if we having held control over sentiments and feelings consider the issue coolly, we find this situation pinpointing to a great reality. And that is anti-Islam forces’ insentience, helplessness, dearth of vision, irritation and fear. Does this situation not prove that these forces cannot counter Islamic way of life with knowledge, wisdom and propriety, viz. they cannot put a spanner in its way with their Satanic ideology?

 This is the history of truth and falsehood
And this is the history of truth and falsehood. When, fourteen hundred years ago, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) presented the Dawah of Islam, it caused a quake in the Satanic quarters in the same way and the same method was used then to oppose this Dawah and to mobilise people against it as the anti-Islam forces are using today:
satiza kar raha hai azal se ta imrozchiragh-e-Mustafwi se sharare bu lahabi(The light lit by the Prophet has always been under attack by the evil of the likes of Abu Lahab).
It is right that the Ummah is expressing grief and anger, but it should keep in view the pleasant aspect of this situation that these forces are bearing witness, with their action, before the justice-loving and neutral people of the world that only Islam is the true religion; these forces are compelling people to think in the same way as the silent majority of Makkah used to think as to what was the guilt of Muhammad bin Abdullah for which the leaders of the city were inflicting oppression on him. He only urged people to give up idol worship and do the worship of their Creator and Lord, to relinquish oppression and coercion, to renounce obscenity, to do good to the weak and hapless, slaves and women. But these people did not dare to utter anything before their oppressive and powerful leaders.

That section is present even today
That section of neutral people is present even today. The under-training army man, who protested against the tirade of Matthew Dooley in the Military College, is one of them. He not only protested but complained against it with higher officials. After which that class was suspended and Dooley was relieved from the training work. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey also paid thanks to that army man. And when this news was made public all over the world by the international media, gentle-minded non-Muslims as well as Muslims condemned this incident. Although the basic policy of American administration will not change with the sense of sorrow expressed by Pentagon yet this incident has provided an opportunity once again for American citizens to brood over why after all their powers-that-be do character-assassination of Islam and Muslims. Let it be very much clear that common citizens of western world are not against Islam; they are only influenced by anti-Islam propaganda, and a large number of them are curious about it as the Makkans had been. Therefore the Muslims living in the west should knock at the hearts of common men in the west.
19/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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  1. Knocking on the heats of common men -indeed - but the best way to their hearts is to say nothing - but to practice Islam and attract people by our good actions - unfortunately: "Islam is the best Product with the worst sales force". Imam Ali said :"We withstood the weight of the Iron, the Stone and the Lash, but found the hardest thing to endure is the Burden of Debt....If Poverty were a man I would Kill him." In 1815 Thomas Jefferson, said: "The Modern theory, for the perpetuation of Debt, has drenched the Earth with Blood, and Crushed it's inhabitants under burdens ever accumulated."
    Today, Muslims are in a deep hole of their own making - and have failed to recognise that "Fear of the Future - invariably manifests itself as Hatred of the Stranger" As RasuluLah [SAW] warned - "Islam came as a stranger and will return as something strange" Unfortunately Muslims have failed to recognise that much of what they do and say is Alien to Islam - and in such a situation when all else they have followed has failed - it's time for them to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - THE QUR'AN - AND RETURN TO THE STRAIGHT WAY.
    David [Daud Musa] Pidcock
    Leader of the Islamic Party of Britain