These aspects of American barbarity

The diatribe of Matthew Dooley, the army officer teaching an anti-Islam course in an army training center in the US State of Virginia, saying that “Islam should be obliterated and if need be both the centers of Islam should be bombarded” was much discussed in the world media. But the world did not take due notice of those aspects of his diatribe that might have brought into light the barbarity, beastly nature, stone-heartedness and inhumanity of at least American ruling class if not of the entire American nation. While this aspect was also reported in the media: “First create such a condition in Saudi Arabia that the people there start starving and then drop Hiroshima and Nagasaki-like bombs on Mecca and Medina without caring for the number of civilians killed.” Does it not clearly show that the Americans neither feel sorry for nor are they perturbed on killing thousands of lives by bombing the two cities of Japan seventy years ago? And even today they would not feel any hesitation in repeating the act when need be notwithstanding the number of civilians killed.

This is the history of America
And not only this, this nation does not hesitate in creating a condition of starvation in order to destroy a country. This beastly nature of US mentality is no revelation; rather it is a known fact and the entire history of America bears witness to it. Famous American Jewish thinker Noam Chomsky, in one of his books, has mentioned those four hundred attacks that America made on innocent beings in different periods of history. Even after Japan, America created chaos of human lives by bombing many countries. Two armed aggression on Iraq and the attack on Afghanistan are the recent ones. But the most recent are the drone attacks that America is making on Pakistan from time to time, in which many innocent lives are being killed. To create a condition of starvation is also one of its strategies. It has spoiled the lives of well-to-do population of Iraq in this way. But these are those kinds of American barbarity that the world sees with its naked eyes. While besides these there are its secret strategies whereby it having put the gun on the breast of rulers of prosperous countries compels them to follow its biddings and loots its natural resources.

The most important question before the world today
Now there should be a question before the gentlemen of the world: Is such a stone-heated, unjust and international dacoit nation able to be called the leader of the world? Can this untrustworthy nation be treated as a jury in international matters and issues? Now it is “super power” on the basis of its own gundaism. It is ruling over the world with the help of its destructive capability. Then there should be a question before the world whether it is not necessary to stop this unbridled power from causing further chaos and anarchy? If yes, then how and what is the ideology that can control over the Satanic system of governance of America? If the world is not in a position to pay direct attention to that ideology for the time being then it should consider this aspect of the question as to which ideology and way of life America is afraid of and hence wants to obliterate it. Undoubtedly the entire American nation cannot be held responsible for this unjust act of the American ruling class but as American nation has turned comfort-loving due to its material prosperity, it does not take notice of the activities of its rulers. Now the question is who should draw the attention of the world and the American nation itself then its only answer is that the believers should do this work.
25/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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