The source of income of a Muslim country

“Question: You allowed pork and liquor to be served in Maldives. The Islamic elements in the country protested against serving them. Did this play a role in your ouster?
“Answer: We have a million European tourists coming to our country every year and so we have been selling pork and liquor. They (Islamic elements) wanted to stop us giving permission to serve pork and liquor. This coup was very well-managed and staged.” This reply of the deposed president of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed to the question posed by The Indian Express (Apr 22) throws full light on the situation prevailing in this small Muslim country. Nasheed confesses that the sale and use of these two haram (prohibited) things is allowed in the Maldives (which in fact has been there since the regime of Mamoon Abdul Qayyum) and he also clarified why this is allowed – to earn money to meet the needs of the State – and also that this was a big factor behind the public outrage against him. When Mohamed Nasheed was in New Delhi in the third week of April, the entire team of The Indian Express consisting of over a dozen editors, column writers and reporters talked to him in detail in the office of the Express.

Why this commendation?
And this warm talk was part of the commendation of Nasheed that has been going on in India since the very next day of change of guard in the Maldives. Though the Government of India might not have paid attention to it according to its new (political) mathematics, the Indian media has been eulogising him since he first raised his voice against “the Salafis and Wahhabis taking roots in the Maldives” and “the danger of Islamic terrorism” in the country. These views of Nasheed must have been amusing the powers-that-be, but the media is not able to hiding its joy and pleasure. In the beginning we thought we might be in the wrong in seeing through Nasheed’s views because he is after all a Muslim and cannot say such words as to please anti-Islam forces. But when the reporter of the English daily The Hindu particularly known for his reports on “Islamic terrorism” called on Nasheed and his interview was published in The Hindu (April 20), all our hope was gone. We came to believe that this man restive for power is all out to play in the hands of anti-Islam forces and to be a Zainul Abedin Ben Ali of Tunisia.

Successful experiment of enemies
Declaring characterless persons as rulers of Muslim countries, imposing them on Muslim masses and getting Islamic commandments and values wiped through them is the very successful experiment of anti-Islam imperialist forces. This experiment was first made by Kamal Pasha in Turkey in the third decade of the 20th century. After the success of this experiment, this strategy was used against traditional kingships. Then experiment was made on army dictators, which proved successful. As today is the age of democracy, the strategists of west have been facing some difficulty though this democracy was devised by them. In fact Arab Spring has worried them, seeing their tables turned. Therefore the strategy now is to defame the activities of practising, self-respecting and upright Muslims by declaring them as Salfism, Wahhabism, activism, Talibanism, outmoded and ignorance, rather make a propaganda of their being terrorist, and then push forward power-hungry persons in the name of Sufism and “liberal Islam” and through them dye Muslim States with the immoral culture of the west. It seems Nasheed has studied this policy of anti-Islam forces well and is expressing through Indian media his willingness to work for them
01/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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