That slogan of new world order?

When, after the end of Cold War and the first aggression against Iraq 21 years ago, America raised the slogan of “New World Order”, it was all clear to the scholars and intellectuals of the world at that very time as to what America wanted to do and what it means by new world order and which way of life it was to declare as its number one enemy. World commentators especially Islamic thinkers started to express their feelings thereon; but, if the common world was looking at this development with interest, the majority of Muslims too had not much worry about it. Then America having staged a drama of terror attack on Trade Towers of New York in September 2001 announced a war against world terrorism in the name of “war on terrorism”, then none of those who keep the eyes open had any doubt about this war in fact being the war on Islam; an American scholar of Indian origin, Enver Masud, had warned [the world] at that very time by writing a book entitled “War on Islam” that this is in fact an anti-Islam campaign. Many other Muslim scholars and intellectuals also have been pointing out this fact ever since.

What American history saysBut the US reaction on such voices coming from the various parts of the Muslim world was that of denial. It said that it was not anti-Islam; and that it was only against the terrorism in the name of Islam. Soon after September 11, President Bush having gone to the Islamic Centre, Washington tried to assure the whole Muslim Ummah: “Our war is against terrorism and extremism, not against Islam or Muslims.” – As to the verbal claim, this is America’s declared standpoint even today. In reply to a question during her visit to Bangladesh in the first week of May, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “When I hear that America is against Islam, I feel grieved.” – But those who are aware of the entire history of America and its methodology during the Cold War, and are conscious of its present agenda did not ever have any doubt that America is at war with Islam, and its saying that “We are against Islamic extremism, not against Islam” is a mere formality for a few days; it is to declare very soon that it is at war with Islam. (In the columns of this newspaper this fact has been often pointed out.)

One latest proof
And its latest proof is the revelation of a military course that was being taught in a military college in the US State of Virginia. Army men under training were taught that our enemies are not only Islamic terrorists but Islam itself is “our greatest enemy. So it should be (Allah forbid) eliminated and if need be both of its centres, Makkah and Madinah, should be destroyed by military attacks without caring for the number of civilians killed.” This Satanic course came to light when an army man under training objected to the diatribe of the army officer-cum-trainer Matthew Dooley, and informed the higher officers (about it). Most of the newspapers of May 12 published this accidentally leaked news with reference to Associated Press. The Hindu has published it with reference to its correspondence. The Times of India headlined it “US suspends ‘war on Islam’ military course”. “Higher officers” did suspend the course and also announced that “it is against the American values” but it is mere gimmick. This revelation (which is in fact not a revelation) should be taken in the light of American statements, announcements and events during the last 11 years.
16/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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