Osama’s images and US courts

A US district court has rejected the lawsuit seeking to release the images of American raid on the reported hideout of Osama Bin Laden at Abbottabad in Pakistan. While rejecting the petition, the court said that the courts must respect the conclusion President Obama and the US military have drawn from this (military) action. US President and military are of the opinion that releasing these images could spur violence against US troops and other Americans travelling abroad. – The news is not just this as certain English dailies of Apr 28 have published this news. The demand to release the images of the raid on May 1 and 2 (last year) was raised earlier also; certain US citizens also had raised this demand; but the US administration rejected it then also saying that looking at these images of Bin Laden, Muslims world over will get provoked and violently target Americans. It is as if the purpose behind Americans’ no to release the images was to say to the world that the person killed during the raid was no other than Osama Bin Laden, whose image is well known in the world. And that these images would provoke the Muslims.

But the matter is not so
But the matter is not so. The real fright of US is that if the images are released, with howsoever Photoshop mastery, the reality of whole drama will come to light: the world will come to know that neither the person killed was Bin Laden nor the house raided was the hideout of Bin Laden. The US already did an amiss soon after the raid by releasing the image of a wounded dead body. That person was in no way Osama. People started to laugh at it. Therefore the image was withdrawn. Then another image of a bearded person watching the TV in a house, shot from behind, was released. This person did not seem even one-fourth of Bin Laden. And the manner the story of throwing into the sea the “dead body” of Bin Laden without showing it to anybody was publicised also revealed the reality of the drama. One more meaningful event came to light recently. The US ordered its faithful Government of Pakistan to demolish the house which was raided to kill Bin Laden. The Pakistani faithfuls immediately carried out the order. In fact, Washington was afraid that if the house remained intact and some unbiased enquiry team or honest media team reached there, its whole lie would come to light.

Why is the US worried?
Had there been any truth in the US story, that house would have been preserved as a memorial with a big board saying “this is the house where the greatest enemy of humanity was killed”. But despite the US being a “super power” the ease-loving world believes every lie of it; some new faithful countries are busy proving its lie as truth; it is afraid because it is guilty and suffering from guilt consciousness. Therefore, while being “super power”, it wants to remove every bit of evidence of its crime. Because, if the secret is revealed, the reality of so-called “9/11” will also come to light. Not only this, the other countries which, to follow the US suit, are playing the drama of the same sort and on the basis of which the propaganda of “Islamic terrorism” is being made day in and day out, will also get worried, and the US doesn’t want them worried because they have to do much work for it. But, howsoever it wants others to work for it and how much it endeavours itself, the secret of its lies is soon to be revealed. The Americans themselves, as per their tradition, will confess their lies after twenty years; but even before this some Wikileaks might reveal the secret of American lies.
04/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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