When protest was being staged in Delhi

When Muslims were staging a strong protest at Parliament Street in New Delhi on Mar 26 against mindless killing and detention of Muslim youth, the Maharashtra police was preparing to kill and arrest some Muslim youth in Aurangabad. And when the Delhi protest was in its last stage and its participants were highly zealous – many of them might have been thinking in the right earnest that their strong protest and the questions and demands raised therein must yield some result, the Maharashtra ATS was killing a 20-year-old boy named Khalil Quraishi, injuring Muhammad Shakir (32) and detaining Abrar (20). The next morning (Mar 27), when English newspapers were replete with the sensational details of Aurangabad “encounter”, the news of New Delhi protest was almost conspicuous by absence. Hindi dailies were no better. The brief news of Muslim protest could be hardly seen on inner pages (of few newspapers) while the reports of Aurangabad “encounter” and ‘gun battle” were spread all over right from the front pages to the inner pages.

What could protest organisers understand?Now one doesn’t know when this news of Aurangabad reached the protest organisers of Delhi and as to what extent they could understand this government message. It seems no sooner had they been considering this result of their protest than the Maharashtra ATS, perhaps to make the government message clearer, the very next day (Mar 27) detained two more persons from Chakli in Buldana district. Their names have been reported as Aquil Khilji and Zafar Husain Qureshi. The Delhi police also did not lag in implementation of the government message. The third day (Mar 28) came the news that they arrested a 20-year-old boy from north-east Delhi last night; his name was reported as Asadullah Rahman Dilkash. In the newspapers of Mar 29 its report with usual details was published. Those who are aware of Police stories may not go through these details but they must see the picture of the one arrested from Delhi. The same piece of cloth is wrapped around the face in the same manner as it was around the face of Muhammad Ahmad Kazmi. It seems the police has purchased these pieces of cloth in bulk from wholesale market of Sadar Bazar, and has a planning to use them on a large scale.

Change the method of protest
This time also there is nothing new in police concoctions. Save and except that the “terrorist” of Maharashtra wanted to kill those “two” judges who had pronounced a judgement in the Babri Masjid case in Lucknow. What is really worth considering is the message that the government agencies have given with the recent incidents – “howsoever loudly the Muslims cry, we will do what we want” – In this situation let’s see where the problem is. Is our method of protest faulty? Whatever the case is, we will have to change the method and make some extraordinary demands which could not have been made twenty years ago. Because now the intervention of Israel in security affairs of our country has increased too much; these tactics are imported therefrom. One demand should be that the police, after its action if not before the action, take local responsible persons in confidence and tell them whom and why they have arrested and where he has been kept; an opportunity should be provided to meet the arrested person. The senselessness of the powers-that-be in India as well as the great minds of Israel can be understood as to why they are afraid of Islam and Muslims. However we will have to keep our legal action well within the parameters of the law of the land.
04/04/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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