This news is from Berlin

This news is from Berlin, the New York Times has published it with reference to its two correspondents, and the Indian Express has published it in its Apr 18 issue, that a “fundamentalist group” drive to distribute the Qur’ān on a very large scale has created anti-Islam feeling in entire Germany. Politicians and security officials have expressed the view that it is in fact a radical Muslim group campaign to recruit radical elements. According to the report, this campaign is run by a Palestinian named Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, who preaches a fiery conservative brand of Islam known as Salafism. This person has been living in Germany for 30 years. Copies of the Qur’ān are being handed out to every household in Swiss and Austrian localities besides German citizens in the entire country. The reporters say that in 2005 Abou-Nagie set up a Web site to spread extremist propaganda. According to the report, this drive got fame last week when journalists criticised the effort, following which they were threatened in an online video.

This too is fundamentalism
It had been till now that police and secret agencies, having raided the hideouts of “Islamic terrorists”, seized copies of the Qur’ān along with weapons, bombs and explosives as if the Qur’ān were some secret and dangerous book that teaches terrorism. Then the media spread the news of such “incidents” in the same manner. But now it is clear that handing out copies of the Qur’ān openly to every household in a quite legal manner is also fundamentalism and radicalism. While Bible societies do this work on a large scale in every country. We do not know who this Ibrahim Abou-Nagie is. But the backdrop of his drive can be understood that when the propaganda against Islam and the Qur’ān is on in the entire world, sensible, modest and responsible Muslims are making such efforts in every country individually or in the form of some organisations so that non-Muslim brethren might study the Qur’ān on their own and form their opinion independently. No other way can be more civilized, peaceful and nobler. But see the integrity of the correspondents of the biggest newspaper in the world that they were not content with just reporting this solitary incident but having declared the drive as fundamentalist and radical directed the mind of the readers to a particular way.

Germans must have remembered
And what the New York Times has said about the German citizens that the drive is creating anti-Islam feeling among them doesn’t seem to be right. Common citizens in every country – whether it is Germany, France, America or India – have open mind and heart. It is the media that unleashes propaganda of their narrow-mindedness and small-heartedness. German citizens are not that unaware and unacquainted with their history. Don’t they know that the mind working behind this international propaganda against Islam and the Qur’ān is of the generation that having seized the economy, politics and other resources of Germany in the recent past made the entire German society hollow? It was thereafter only that the holocaust took place over there. The correspondents have written that distributing religious works is not illegal in Germany; however secret agencies are worried about who is doing this. In fact this is also the ploy of diabolic minds. First call an individual or group wrong then cry wolf on whatever they do. Islamic centres in Germany should bring the reality in light with regard to this drive.
22/04/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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