What former army chief wants

Former chief of army staff Shankar Roy Chowdhury wants the Government of India to be very much alert and aware of the developments taking place in the Maldives. Because “Islamic fundamentalism” has taken deep roots over there, and Islamic elements had their hands in the dethroning of Nasheed. I.S.I, Al-Qaida and Taleban, with the help of local “jihadi” groups like Al-Shabab, can establish a dangerous Islamic system there. If it so happens, to Gen. Chowdhury, it will create a very dangerous situation for Bharat. Gen. Chowdhury is also amazed and sorrowful that such a big event took place in the neighbourhood of Bharat and the public did not take any notice of it. Former chief of army staff has expressed these views formally in an article published in The Asian Age (Apr 3). The General has also linked the developments in the Maldives to those taking place in certain Arab countries, and said that Bharat has no objection to the change in governments; however the matter of concern is that as a result of these developments very hardcore Islamic ideological systems in the form of Salfism and Wahabism are being formed there.

There is nothing new
There is not a single point in the views of former army chief that has not been heard earlier. This very development in the Maldives three months ago caused a lot of din and bustle in India and it is still heard from time to time. If fact, this article of Shankar Roy Chowdhury is part of that din. But there should be some difference between those who create ruckus as a matter of habit or to meet their professional requirements and the people like Chowdhury. Politicians, diplomats, ruling elite and professional commentators in media speak in line with their well-decided policies, while retired army officers and other government and semi-government officers speak with peace of mind; and if they do not do so, they should. Because retired persons spend much of their time in study and deliberations, they enjoy fresh pleasant air during morning walks in their lawns or public parks every day and (thus) their mind is cool. If earlier they had been somewhat bound to express their views under professional pressure, now they are free. Now they should express their views on the various issues with freedom and responsibility.

What the tone and tenor says
But the tone and tenor of Gen. Shankar Roy Chowdhury does not give the feeling that he has commented on the development in the Maldives after much deliberation and total impartiality. Particularly on Islamic “fundamentalism”. Now it is a question to him whether he has ever made an effort to understand the Religion of Islam, ever got an opportunity to study the Qur’ān, ever studied the holy life of the Prophet of Islam. Where did he get the Islamic system which he is declaring as dangerous and making the Indians afraid thereof? The fact remains that this commentary of former army chief is also dished out with the same sense of prevalent “patriotism” which other irresponsible persons do; further, the source of his knowledge of Islam and Islamic system is the same propaganda which is very much in force in the world and in this country as well. While there should be sincerity, depth, impartiality and argumentative force in the words of responsible persons like Shankar Roy Chowdhury. However it is possible only when the persons and institutions that are undertaking Islamic Dawah in this country help them. Contact with such senior persons in comparison to common people proves more fruitful.
10/04/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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