An act of a Pakistani lawyer

When Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney General Muhammad Khurshid Khan, in February 2010, came to know that the Taliban had kidnapped and beheaded a Sikh named Jaspal Singh in Peshawar, he as a Muslim was filled with remorse. He went to the house of Jaspal Singh to condole his death, reached a local gurudwara the next day, heard the chants sitting on its steps, then requested the Granthi to let him give an opportunity to perform seva. Later on he started polishing shoes of devotees in gurudwaras every day, and thereby felt peace.  Simultaneously he reposed faith in places of worship of other religions, temples and churches. Khurshid Khan was perturbed by the act of the Taliban also because such acts bring bad name to Islam, Muslims, Pakistan and Pakhtoons; violence in the name of Islam deeply grieves him. The Pakistani lawyer narrated all this in his own words to Indian newspapers. He visited Delhi to participate in a judicial conference in the fourth week of March. Here too he performed seva in gurudwaras and temples (The Times of India, Mar 26).

The most important question
This reported incident that took place in Sarhad Province in February 2010 also found place in Indian media that the Taliban had kidnapped three Sikhs from Peshawar to demand a heavy ransom for their release. The Pakistani army got two of them released but the third (Jaspal) was killed by the Taliban. This news had aggrieved Muslim readers and viewers of Indian media. Now a government official of Pakistan has expressed his grief in India, which is but natural for a Muslim; and it is in the fitness of things. He also said the sentiments he was expressing towards gurudwaras, temples and churches and the seva he was performing there were penance for the crimes of Taliban. These feelings of Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney General must have been read with interest in India; and a question must have arisen in the minds of knowledgeable persons as to what form of penance it was. Notwithstanding the views and sentiments of a Pakistani citizen, the most important question here is how he believed that the killers of the (abducted) Sikh were the Taliban.

Why are we interested in itMuhammad Khurshid Khan can say that he is a Pakistani citizen and belongs to Peshawar. But it is not enough to understand the violence committed in the name of Taliban; knowledge of the conspiracies of anti-Muslim forces is a must. Who knows that the agents of C.I.A, Mossad and other agencies are active in the northern tribal areas of Pakistan, who are committing these acts of violence just to defame Islam and Muslims; and fake Talibans are only their creation. International media makes every effort to suppress the truth and mislead the world. The rulers of Pakistan are helpless before America. Now after the killing of 28 Pakistani army men at the hands of NATO troops in November last they have experienced shame and are reviewing their relations with America. If it is so, their foremost task is to initiate an enquiry into all the incidents of violence and extremism. – it is evident that this is an internal issue of Pakistan and they should deal with it. But we are interested in revelation of truth only because certain sections here target Indian Muslims too under the pretext of incidents taking place in Pakistan. If Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney General can do anything in this regard, we would be grateful to him; however keeping in view his being simpleton there is no hope of it.
01/04/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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  1. Pakistani Authorities are slaves of west & to please thier masters they may go any extreams.