What the Union minister has said

“ India, in near future should not proclaim for organizing the Olympic games, because this is a poor country. We would successfully organize the common wealth games but that does not mean that we can even organize the Olympic games. This is very expensive thing. China spent fifty arawb rupees on organizing of Olympic games, can we spend such a huge amount. By looking at this country’s poverty and problems of the cities I don’t think that we should think of organizing Olympic games right now.” Union Sports minister M.S.Gill gave this unusual statement in rajya sabha on 25th November whem members expressed their view that if we would organize common wealth games successfully then we should claim to host the 2020 olympic games as well. This statement is unusual because the government, ruling front, and opposition BJP nobody is ready to accept that India is any poor country. Times of India (26th Nov) reporter was surprised that Union minister said poor country to India . If Gill could just stop by saying that right now our country is not in a position to host the Olympic games then it might not have been any objectionable thing but going further he said it is poor country and that too giving the statement formally in the parliament.

When Preime minister was in White House
But the most interesting factor of the union minister’s statement is that he called the country poor in such a movement and mentioned about the poverty and problems when our Prime minister was in America and he was being received as a leader of the “rising economic power’ and ‘world power’ , American president was hosting him like an equal super power, and the force of editors and reporters who went with him were decorating this welcome adding four moons more with their reports and analysis. 25th overnight, TV channels were making a hue and 26th newspapers, in which somewhere M.S.Gill statement was also there, were full of this welcoming news. During that time inside the parliament showing the country as poor is really shameful. By this, atleast those have become angry who like to host Olympic games, those might be upset as well who were getting out of the bottle with excitement watching America calling India a ‘world power’. This innocent and positive wishing people did not even come out of the anger, that they were slammed with another hit when rural development minister of state pradeep jain aditya told lok sabha on 30th November that 77% of the country’s population that is about 84 crore people are making their living earning less than twenty (20) rupees per day.

What is there behind this craze
About the economic situation of the country M.S.Gill spoke truth because he is not any politician, he is public service guy, he was chief election commissioner. And the minster of state had to speak truth because these numbers and statistics are presented by a committee of experts. This is the situation of the poverty in the country but our Government and two biggest political parties are dreaming about making it a ‘world power’ with the help of America. There is large population on the earth which is lacking the clean water to drink but these people are searching water on the moon by spending arawbs of rupees. In this craze this question is cleverly being covered as in south asia particularly in our country what is America’s agenda. Why it is pating the back of our politicians and by raising a hoax of imaginary global terrorism, for what goal we are being used. Present government’s policy makers and BJP agenda is very clear that they want to increase the well being and wealth of only one faction of our country. But few among the thinkers and realistic scholars of country can not rise so as to bring the government here and politicians out of this imaginary world and assumptions and convince them to work for the 85% citizen of our country. ?
10/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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