What happened to that Camera?

For long it has been heared that such a camera is being invented which can take snaps of the events of past as where a while ago what happened, who were present, who was doing what. It will record the voice as well. Recording of past voices news were coming even before that. Once there was a news that speeches of Gandhi ji and other leaders speeches during the freedom fight are being recovered as voice recording. The murder event of Gandhi ji is being picturized and voice recorded both. About camera it was said that few seconds before or some time earlier events recording camera is already invented. Now it is being tried to increase its capacity so that the pictures can be taken for some more time in past. If this thing succeeds then hearing past centuries voices and seeing pictures could be possible. But later on no news of such cameras and recording has come. Where as in this era of telecommincation technology the possibilities of this invention have become more. This camera and recording should have been invented and should have become common.

If this camera could have been invented.
The mind repeatedly goes towards this unusual camera because now a days the world is very concerned with the incidents of terrorism. Whenever any thing happens according to its severity over its inquiry and investigation governments spends a lot of money and time. People too get worried. By investigation agencies and media reports very strange and interesting things are found to read and listen to. More over if the current situation is beneficial to any one, that is the media , whose entire business is run over the stories full of suspense. But for common people the invention of this camera has become indispensable. Like if this camera and voice recorder would have existed, then on 11th sep 2001 what ever happened in America and for the preperation of that what ever happened that could come infornt of the world. The same way last year on 10th sep what happened in batla house colony of delhi, after that on 26th nov what happened in Mumbai and how it took place, world could know. Ten guys crossing the sea how landed on the coast, then with the ammunition and comfortably entered the five star hotels and how killed the people, every scene could come to light and to catch the criminals and to held anybody responsible , it could be much easy for the government.

One this idea strikes too.
One this idea comes to mind that this sort of camera is not let to be invented or if it had been invented then the imperialistic powers blocked this technology so that the loot and plunder, killing and spoilage, terrorism and exploitation by them and its facts do not come in light. What stories America had told the world about 11th sep, these cameras could have brought the reality out. Israeli terrorism and its monstrous plans could come infront of the world and also in any country whatever is happening in the name of war on terror, would not have happened, justice could be there, but alas this camera had remained just a dream. By the way human world should not be downhearted. Just this belief is required that there is a real, true and creative power exists and is watching all of this, one day entire human kind has to face to that. Devine nature’s camera is picturising each and every act of humans, who ever and whatever did everything would come infront, and that day is not far. It is coincidence that the ummah which is the target of the situation today, has this belief. Now it just is required to make this belief stronger and fulfill its compulsions.
25/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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