Supreme Court and Varn Vyavastha

Supreme Court that is the highest court wants that the central government immediately make some efforts to eliminate hindu varn vyavastha. For the court, this is very sad that the cast and creed system is continued even today under which events of cruelty against the lower casts take place, thus this system has to be completely eradicated. Supreme court’s two able Judges bench comprising Justice Dalveer bhandari and Justice A.K.Patnayek, gave this advise to the government giving the verdict in a 30 years old case. In 1979 in lohari village of hussain ganj town, U.P. people of thakur community killed 7 dalits. Court gave the verdict as life in prison for six thakurs. Two among them died. Four alive offenders are asked to appear infront of the cops. Able Judges say that for the rule of law and democracy it is mandatory that the centuries old system as soon as possible be eliminated so that so called higher casts could not behave cruel towards so called lower casts. Judges think that this event of lohari demands that varn vyavastha should end.

Ther are many things to be considered
In this ruling of the ablejudges there are many things to be considered. “Lower” casts face cruel events continuously. Cases come in the courts too, but it could not be recalled as supreme court attacked the cast system itself in the ruling in any case. This is perhaps the first time that the supreme court took notice of this act in this way. But this advise of the able judges looks some strange. Do they hope that government will act on their advise. And even if acts, then this thousands of years old tradition which is fed into the minds of the people here as such that this has become their belief, will really be eliminated.? Do Judges are aware of the small but very powerful and strong faction that is dominant over almost all the aspects of the collective life of this country, and wants to keep this system anyway at any cost. By softness and by harshness too. This reservation in the jobs for dalits, this campaigning against religious minorities, promoting communal hatred, and these riots, are the strategy to keep this system going so that “lower” factions do not move from their state.

Make this the topic to debate
But no, the judges of supreme court can’t be unaware of these facts. Surely they are aware and are better aware than others. And they also know that the fall of this system is not easy, it is very difficult. And also that their advise is of no use. But after all that if they gave this remark, this expresses their mental pain which is caused because of this cruel system. And this is a satisfactory thing for all humans who are victims of this system or those who are human friendly or think the entire humanity as a creature of one god and his family. Able Judges expressed their inside by urging or advising the government. Now it is required that intellectual people of the country make it a topic to debate. This debate be started countrywide that this system of differentiating as high and low by birth, how rational and how irrational it is. Supporters of this system give their evidences and the opponents decline them. What and how much will be the effect of the two honourable Judges advise on the government, this is hard to say but this advise has provided an opportunity for a countrywide debate.
13/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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