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Do the circumstances and environment have any role in women’s abuse ? Is not any stimulus there which encourages criminals for the crime ? Is not in any manner the woman responsible for that ? – The answer for this question will be negative if searched in the light of the discussion which is going on in the parliament and the media after the abuse of a Russian woman in Goa. That is woman is not responsible in any case in anyway, she is completely innocent and guiltless, thus her behaviour should not be discussed. The reason for this discussion is that in a tourist place of Goa a local resident is accused of sexually harassing a Russian woman and escaped. There was a huge storm in media over that and women organizations too became active, issue was raised in the parliament as well. On 15th December a member of Congress Shanta Ram has just said that “Women too should be careful in their behaviour, hanging around with unconcerned men, being with them till late night, then making a big noise over any dispute with them is not fair.” Over this the outburst became more aggressive and it was accused that the abuse of women is being justified.

This mentality was there earlier too
This mind was there in the country earlier too that, say nothing to women no matter how they live out, adopt any kind of behaviour, whatever is there style of living in the market, offices, factories, colleges, night clubs, in the wedding functions, where ever they like they can go, what ever dress they want they wear, get out of homes in whatever fashion they like, go out with any one they like, live with them, talk to them. Do not advice them, those who advise should be considered backward, old fashioned and retrospective. But as a result of this behaviour if any thing like maltreatment happens to them, then this has to be declared as a heinous crime and all responsibility be put on the accused. But after the rising storm of globalization and feminism (feminist movement) this mind came out some what more openly. People say that the bad individuals are just bad, they do not have any impact of the surrounding environment, they do not see anything, more over it is even claimed that there is no link of their crimes with the women behaviour and their life style. This mentality is part of the western culture where this thing is not much offensive. That is why after the arrival of western imperialism these scenes have been noticeable on our land too.

What is the old tradition of the country
Once a responsible police officer of Delhi in a similar case just said that girls and women too have to be careful in their dressing and behaviour, then there was a big outburst against him too. The question is, if this is the culture of this country and its people ? Never. Modesty and shyness, obscuring with respect to elders of the family, outside of the homes too showing well manners, are the old tradition of this country. Reminding women and girls over their mistakes has been the way here. No one did ever mind it here, but now it looks bad. Now the outbreak of western feminism has convinced the Indians to accept every evil as a good. In this entire discussion the voice of farsightedness is not coming from anywhere, all just excitement and that is it. More over the puppet of corporate sector, media, is further stimulating this fire. Is not there any circle in the country which can make this thing an issue to debate that what actually the civilization of this country is. For this , traditional shyness and modesty is necessary or the shamelessness derived from west.? Those who feel pride in their regional culture should also take notice of it.
22/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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