Religion, in an able Judge’s view

Justice S.H.Kapadia thinks that issue of poverty and economy is the actual issue and to resolve it, it is mandatory that the Religion be kept only inside the home, “Because this is human’s private matter.” Justice kapadia is a senior judge of supreme court and next year after retirement of the present chief justice, will take his place. This view he expressed on 10th December in an event organized in connection with the “Human rights day” in which almost all senior lawyer were present. Many important personalities were there. This remark of kapadia about religion has nothing new because this concept is derived from west and adopted as a fashion. Otherwise this cocept is of those who are not sincere about religion. But what Justice had told further in this regard is very meaningful, “If any religion is based on fear, greed and desire, heaven and hell and the concepts alike then some individuals or groups finally exploit these beliefs and as a result this thing make people tend towards terrorism.” (Indian Express 11th Dec) Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari was present there too in the function.

These gossip about Religion
These gossip about religion if come from any semi educated political leader or if any communist group say that then they could not have been so considerable but these thoughts such a person expressed who is an educated and a senior Judge of the supreme court, going to be the Chief justice of the country in few months. We do not know how much justice kapadia had thought on the existence of the God and how many religions he studied but what reward and punishment and glad tidings and threats and such beliefs he mentioned, that makes it obvious that he meant it about a particular religion, which he studied as per his perception and angle of view. And this thought is the shade of that campaign which, a circle of special thoughts launched that not any such religion be let grow which holds these beliefs. This evil act is also seen relating to the conversion of the religion and to make some law for that and its echo some times even be heared at the level of state governments too. Once a central institution NCERT’S Information magazine too had run this campaign.

What the awards and verdicts are
The topic of the debate could also be that in our country on the higher level what type of thoughts are growing, in the changed international situation what is the status of the knowledge and honesty. But for now apart from this discussion it needs to be seen as if the concept of reward and punishment for human actions are such dangerous then what would be said about the Judicial and penal code of the country, in which punishment is set according to the nature of crime. Also in military, police and in other services, better performance is acknowledged by awards and rewards. It should be like, the humans should differentiate between good and bad. Do good deeds and avoid bad. But practically it is not so, that is why in all countries there are punishments for crimes, fear of which generally keeps the citizen away from crimes. But those who break laws still do that. Criminal guys do commit crimes. That is because of the fact that a law made by humans neither can keep humans from committing crimes, nor can punish the criminals for sure. And the government awards matter is as such that few clever individuals by doing wrong and even breaking law get awards. At this point human society feels the necessity of a true religion and its code of life. How good it would be if a group of representing muslim scholars meet Justice kapadia and discuss this issue.
19/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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