Role of women in advertisements

The All India Radio, in its programme “Current Affairs” at 9:30 PM on 4 January, presented a discussion on the role of women in advertisements and films. Two experts of social issues, Dr. Ranjana Kumari and Dr. George Mathew were participants. Sandeep Dixit of The Hindu was the anchor. In his inaugural speech Sandeep said that whatever happened with the 23-year-old girl student recently in Delhi has given way to a countrywide discussion from different angles. The lifestyle and behaviour of women is one aspect of the discussion. The way women are being presented in advertisements, films and serials has caused grave concern in the society. The anchor also clarified that this trend of presenting women in this way commenced with the arrival of market economy (capitalist system of economy) and the government is encouraging it. So this is necessary to promote market economy. Both the participants agreed to the views of Sandeep.

The discussion that followed
And then the discussion that followed provided a sigh of relief for every citizen of the country who is fed up with making women a market commodity and the heinous role played therein by      the government, and the standard bearers of politics, business and women rights. The gist of this half-an-hour discussion is that one cause of sexual crimes against women is the behaviour of women itself. If corporate companies, TV channels and film industries are exploiting women, they (women) too are letting themselves to be exploited willingly and enthusiastically. Further, the society is responsible for the behaviour tender girls and fashionable women are displaying at common places. George Mathew was using mild language, declaring it part of globalisation and modern international culture, but Dr. Ranjana Kumari was quite evident and clear-cut in her standpoint. She said women cannot be allowed to go wayward in the name of freedom and personal likes and dislikes. People should be active against the way businessmen and corporate institutions as well as film makers are exploiting women. Women too should realise their dignity and keep from more-than-necessary freedom.

After paying thanks to Allah
First of all All India Radio should be congratulated for organising such a beneficial discussion and for taking such a bold step in spite of being a government body. Then Muslims should stand thankful to Allah that His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be to him), one thousand five hundred years ago, put an end to the undue freedom (obscenity) of women, on the consequences of which people are shedding tears today; and that the Islamic Shari’ah, one thousand five hundred years ago, prescribed its solution that people today are searching for. – And after paying thanks to Allah, Muslim educated persons having taken this solution should go to the persons who are searching for it and tell them that there is no need to waste time and energy in searching for the cure to this malaise as the effective and sure cure is already available. The need only is to open the mental horizons and widen the vision. – But these efforts of ours will prove more effective when our ladies and girls, whatsoever section of society they belong to, apply it practically in the society wherever it is feasible. That is, besides Muslim men, Muslim women and girls too have the opportunity to introduce and present the Shari’ah teachings on Islamic purdah and other teachings related to women.

19/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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