The mischief from Germany

In the night of 27 December the Hindi Bulletin of All India Radio announced a news report in an emphatic manner: “Islamic extremists attacked an Indian student in the city Bonn in Germany and on his refusal to convert cut off his tongue.” The next morning the newspapers informed that this mischief was done by the German police. The newspapers published this news item with reference to agencies. PTI was also among these agencies. That is, German police had told the reporters that the attackers were “Islamic extremists” and they wanted to convert the student viz. to make him Muslim by force. When he did not do so, the attackers cut off his tongue and escaped in a car. All India Radio, which is ever ready to broadcast such news items in a vigorous manner, fully believed the said statement of German police; it did not mention words like “it is said that…” or “reportedly”. In the recent past, when a Delhi court acquitted two Muslim youth of the charge of terrorism, this very All India Radio broadcast the news thus: “A Delhi court released two terrorists”, giving the impression that they were terrorists whom the court released.

Jaundiced media in the field
And the third day the jaundiced media came to the fore with provocative stories. The English daily Pioneer, which represents the ideology and policies of BJP (RSS), published a report of its correspondent Preeti John saying that Islamic extremists, particularly the Salafi group, have become very much active in destructive acts in Germany. According to the report, German police made the statement that the attackers were no other than Islamic extremists and wanted to convert an Indian student by force, only on the basis of the complaint of the student. The 24-year student belongs to North India and studies in Bonn University. The attackers attacked him from behind; they did not succeed in cutting off his tongue but injured him badly. – It is apparent that only those who want to believe in such a story would do so. Otherwise, to a knowledgeable and sincere person, this story is worth rejecting with condemnation. The post-mortem of every point of the story can be done easily.

Take it in a wider perspective
But here, notwithstanding the discussion on this story that, who is this student, in which environment he was brought up before going to Germany, what his mind-set is, how much experienced he is in manipulation, and further how much active the Zionist lobby is in Germany once again after the holocaust, what should be seen is that this recent mischief in Bonn and all other small or big news reports of this nature are parts of the propaganda which is going on from every dimension all over the world against Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Whether it is the exploitation of Malala in Pakistan to defeat Islam in the name of fake Taliban, or the recent international conference of judges in New Delhi on so-called terrorism, or conspiracies against Ikhwan and Dr. Morsi in Egypt, or the story of the attack of “Islamic extremists” on a student in Bonn, the target of all these is only one – Islamic way of life. – Therefore, the Ummah believing in this ideology and every member of it will have to be alert. This disappointment of the other forces is a source of strength from one angle, but there must be efforts to counter it. For example, if some Islamic Centre in Germany informs the world about the reality of this mischievous news report from Bonn, it would be great.

10/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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