Malala and Angelina

Angelina Jolie – This is a western lady who is reportedly a social ambassador of the United Nations. She is influenced by the story of the Pakistani girl Malala so much as she narrated it in detail to her six kids. Thereafter she wrote an article on this very subject in which she shared how she informed her kids about the attack on the 14-year-old Malala. According to a PTI report in The Times of India (October 18), “I felt compelled to share Malala's story with my children. It was difficult for them to comprehend a world where men would try to kill a child whose only crime was the desire that she and others like her be allowed to go to school.” This article of Angelina Jolie was published in Daily Beast in which she also hoped that “Malala will be in contention for a Nobel Peace Prize”. This report is one of the reports on Malala that are being published in continuity these days. Each of these reports further strengthens the idea that it was anti-Islam forces that got this attack on Malala perpetrated.

Long-term conspiracy
This is a long-term conspiracy – a conspiracy of the kind of “9/11” which was hatched to devastate some Muslim countries and defame the Muslim Ummah. It can be just imagined about what and in which manner Angelina would have taught her kids. The kids would have asked: “Mom, who are these people and why they don’t let children study?” Mom would have told them: “They are Muslims.” One kid would have asked: “Who are Muslims?” Mom: “Those who believe in Islam.” Kids: “What is Islam? What are its teachings?” Mom: “It gives only such teachings; it is they who had made an attack on New York towers.” – This is not figment of imagination or some raw thought, rather a fact. Anti-Islam communities thus inculcate poison against Islam and Muslims in the minds of their new generation right from their childhood. All such strategies are devised by the Jews. In our country also there is a wide network of pathshalas and institutions of higher classes in which all this is taught. Then its influence is felt on the general Indian life.

Realisation of veracity is a must
And the backdrop of “attack” on Malala is that America has a large-scale plan of army attack or bombardment on Waziristan and northern areas of Pakistan so that it might purge those areas of “extremist” Islamic elements, establish its armed occupation and thus control both Pakistan and Afghanistan. This objective is not being fulfilled with drone attacks. For a large operation, the excuse should also be large enough. Therefore a tender age girl, who somehow had got fame earlier, was shot at. And now that girl and the attack on her are being exploited to defame practising Muslims. And in this conspiracy the government of Pakistan is hands in glove because American slaves are at the helm of affairs in Pakistan nowadays. And it is they who are made to air the story of Malala. It is rather difficult for non-Muslim commentators and journalists to understand the reality of these incidents; so no complain against them. But the Muslim journalists and commentators who are looking at this incident from surface level and commenting on it accordingly are facilitating the work of conspiracies unconsciously.

25/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


  1. Assalamualaikum brother. Very rightly said. All true, JazakaAllahu khayran for sharing.

  2. Aap ka bataya hua dusra pehlu sochne pe majbur karne wala hai!!!