Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari

Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari was born in 1931. In his early life he was very intelligent and promising. He was inclined to serve Islam and the Ummah; so during his very student days he got associated with the Islamic Movement. Despite paucity of resources, he kept on getting education higher and higher with his labour, dedication and love for knowledge. He did Aalimiyat from Darsgah Islami, B.A. (Arabic) and later on M.A. (Philosophy) and Ph.D. (Philosophy) from Aligarh Muslim University and M.T.S. from Harvard University, USA. The sensitivity he had to serve Islam and the Ummah kept on advancing and the Movement he had joined also went on progressing. At last he was elected its Ameer viz. supreme leader. After gracing this post for four years, he retired from it in 2007 and kept himself busy in academic activities on the lines of the same movement, the same thought and philosophy and while doing so came the last moment. He passed away on 3rd October 2012 at the age of 81 in such a way that he was fully satisfied with his faith. – Friends and colleagues buried him with much love and devotion.

And K.S. Sudarshan
K.S. Sudarshan was also born in 1931. In his early life he was very intelligent and promising. Despite lack of resources, he went on getting education with his labour and commitment. He was inclined to serve the nation; so in his very early life he having influenced by the R.S.S. slogans of patriotism got associated with its activities. He also continued his education. He got Bachelor degree in Communication Engineering with gold medal. He went on working with devotion and commitment as well as zeal and enthusiasm to promote the policies and programmes of the Sangathan he had joined to serve the society so much so that he was appointed its highest functionary viz. sarsanghchalak. After rendering his services on this post for nine years, he retired in 2009. But after retirement he used to keep quiet; he devoted most of his time to study. He expired on 15th September 2012 at the age of 81. But twenty-seven days before his demise a news report about him appeared in newspapers on which different people reacted differently. On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, on 20th August, he wanted to go to Tajul Masajid in Bhopal to offer Eid prayers (or to congratulate Muslim brethren).

Comparison interesting, end different
This comparison between the lives of two scholars is interesting in certain ways. These two remained associated with two organisations – large but different and poles apart – for the whole life, reached the highest position in their organisations but there was basic difference in their ends. While Dr. Ansari left the world fully satisfied and contended with their faith – he might have regret, if any, that his ongoing academic works with which he wanted to serve the Movement further could not be completed – K.S. Sudarshan was seen restless and restive in his last days which showed that he was not satisfied with his view on Islam and Muslims and that he was reviewing his views. Even if his mind had gone upset, as his colleagues are saying, there must have been something in his unconsciousness that had been compelling him to go to Tajul Masajid. A report in The Hindustan Times (16th September) says that Mr. Sudarshan had deep study of the Qur’ān. – Anyway, whatever there was in store for these two after all happened. Anything further is in the hands of Allah. 

10/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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