The visit and return of a so-called writer

A so-called English writer Salman Rushdie visited Delhi secretly, addressed a crowd of some literate persons in Delhi, telling them whatever he had been invited for, and returned secretly. During his address to the royal crowd, he mocked in a funny way at those who had objected to his visit. In this conclave of India Today i.e. the tamasha of corporate media, Imran Khan of Pakistan was also invited but when he came to know that Rushdie too was invited to this tamasha, he refused to participate therein and also explained the reason for refusal that he would not like to sit with a person who has hurt millions of men. Akhilesh Yadav from U.P. and Umar Abdullah from Kashmir were also invited to the tamasha, but they sought excuse citing their preoccupations. Rushdie mocked at these two also along with Imran. As for the oppositions asserted by Congress leaders, he said, “Their speculations went wrong; the Congress was defeated badly in Uttar Pradesh.”

He is an impostor
But this time it is useless to talk of the mischief of Rushdie; he adopted the same tone and temper for which the whole western world showers praises on him. Even in this country only the mental slaves of the West opt to honour him. This Satanic writer cannot be expected of any soft attitude, seeking forgiveness and expressing regret. He would fall from the affection of the western Christian world and its cultural slaves the day he effects a change in his tone. Then why would he do this business of utter loss? He is a cunning, mischievous and shrewd writer and works on his personal agenda. He has won the hearts of all destructive forces by haranguing against Islam and its sacred personages. Otherwise, who would have cared for this characterless, voluptuous animal; however detailed and sensational stories of his waywardness and sexual anarchy must have been published. The statements of his former “wives” would have found place in the corporate media. Then his freedom of expression would have been compared with that of Arvind Kejriwal, who has been issued notice for calling a spade a spade.

Analysis but from which angle
The mind-set which invited Rushdie here should be analysed. The corporate owners of India Today Group knew it perfectly well that the question of Rushdie’s participation in Jaipur Literary Festival had caused a great controversy recently, and the move was vehemently opposed by the sections of citizens whom Rushdie had caused mental torture; it had caused an awkward situation for the organisers too. But despite this the Group invited him, why? Has he really contributed something worthwhile to literature and history? Or is freedom of expression really very dear to this corporate media? Or is it that the entire programme would have flopped had Rushdie not participated therein, and defamed the Group? There was nothing of the sort. Non-participation of Rushdie would have made no difference – in fact this mischievous act was done willingly and this is the same mind-set that makes those who call names to minorities hero even inside the country. Bal Thackeray, Modi and Uma Bharti are its examples. Therefore it is this mentality, and not the stooges and swindlers like Rushdie, that has to be analysed.   
16/03/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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