This “plan” of “siege” of Parliament

A major headline in the Feb. 26 issue of The Times of India was: “Muslim radicals plan ‘siege’ of Parliament”. And a gist of the story was like this: “This would be ‘India's biggest Muslim uprising’. …. This appeal has been made by London-based Sheikh Anjem Choudary, who is leader of a radical group called ‘Sharia for Hind’…. He does not believe in Indian Parliament and its laws; he abides by only the law of Allah…. The first targets of this group are Manmohan Singh, L K Advani, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi….” According to the report, the group has announced the move of the siege on its website shariah4hind.com. Law enforcing agencies have been keeping an eye on the activities of this group. The Police have blocked the web site on a complaint filed by Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. The Government has been urged not to issue visa to Choudary…. Delhi police have said that they would not allow this rally…. But Choudary has said that even after not getting permission he would appeal to all Muslims to gather near Parliament….

Was it a mischief?
At the outset this seems to be a mischief which media and government agencies do with regard to Muslims day in and day out. But the Times reporter claims that Choudary himself talked to him and said: “A Delhi Police officer had also called me up, asking me to cancel the programme; but I told him that it will not be cancelled as we don't abide by your laws or courts. They cannot stop Muslims from rising.” This gives the feeling that there is truth in the report at least to the extent that a person named Anjem Choudary lives in London. But then it is a surprise that such a great plan and Indian Muslims have no inkling of it. There should have been much talk of it in the entire country, and rallies and processions everywhere in the country to mobilize Muslim citizens. Muslim leaders should have made tours the country over, and the media should have beaten the drum i.e. the preparation of it would have taken at least one year if not two years…. But nothing of the sort happened. Then the idea came that the given dates March 2 and 3 might be of 2013 or 2014 but the Times report was there to assert that it was March this year viz. the “siege” was to take place only six days after the publication of the report.

This is after all a mischief
But this is after all a mischief. If a person named as mentioned above really lives in London, and the site as referred to really belongs to him, and he has truly made such an appeal, then it is a matter of investigation more for Muslim leaders than for police and secret agencies to discover who he really is, whom he is working for, why he is inimical to Indian Muslims – it is evident that police, secret agencies and media persons would not want to know the reality; they would work on the line for which such mischiefs are done. Muslims should know the fact that while there are some unruly and foolish elements amidst us, there are also some persons who work for the enemies of the Ummah because they are subjected to a particular mental and physical process, the kind of which Mossad and CIA had subjected some persons for Sep. 11, 2001 operation – We do not know who this Anjem Choudary is and whether he really is or not. If yes, he should not do some work which might lend one more excuse to the police to detain Muslim youth; they do already have many excuses.
04/03/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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