The feeling of a Christian journal

The Christian Science Monitor has termed President Obama’s apology on the desecration of the Holy Qur’ān at the hands of some American army men in Afghanistan as mere customary. It writes: ‘An apology, as a parent might tell a child, isn’t very sincere if it is meant only to gain forgiveness. Saying “I’m sorry” must be heartfelt, not mere words to avoid consequences….  Obama’s apology came swiftly, perhaps in hopes that it would be accepted as sincere enough to merit forgiveness…. Given how sacred any copy of the Quran is to a Muslim, the insensitivity of the soldiers was remarkable…. Afghan Muslims have to judge for themselves whether Obama’s apology was merely tactical…. Muslims have a strong tradition of forgiveness, just as a largely Christian America has an inclination to apologize….” This Christian Science Monitor is an evangelical magazine of America. Its contents suggest that it is run by the Christians who are open-minded about Islam.

The Reconciliation Factor
And perhaps this is why the magazine has discovered the reconciliation factor even in this unhappy incident that took place in Afghanistan. “This recent incident has provided an opportunity for both the religions to understand better each other. The desire for forgiveness and reconciliation is there in both the religions.” (The Asian Age, March 1) This spirit, which the Science Monitor has displayed, is hardly found in Christian evangelists and Christian media institutions. Even the leader of Catholic Christianity, Pope never talks in this tone. Dozens of sects are there in the Christian world. Catholic and Protestant are two major sects. Each of them has many sub-sects. Individuals and groups of conciliatory nature are there in both of them. The reports of the Christian Science Monitor are balanced. This magazine also publishes, honestly and without any comment, the opinions and statements made by the individuals and families coming from Christianity to the fold of Islam, one of the objectives of which might be to warn the Christian world.

Let Islamic Centres pay attention to
This brief comment in the Christian magazine reminds us of the fact that in the Christian world there are Christian groups willing to understand Islam better and have a sincere dialogue between the two faiths even amid the situation in which a big part of the western world is out to character-assassinate Islam and the Muslim Ummah, or, if said indulgently, is in misconception. And a study of prosperous Christian societies in the west reveals that their individuals and families happen to be easy-going. They are engrossed in their materialistic life, and express their association with Christianity by attending Sunday services and donating for evangelical work. Owing to this temperament, they get influenced by anti-Islam propaganda very soon. They assume that what their religious and political leaders say and do is right. In these circumstances, if a few Christians appear to be open-minded and willing for reconciliation, the followers of Islam should avail themselves of this opportunity and have contact with them. Let Islamic Centres in America and Europe pay attention to this.
10/03/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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