Self Navel-gazing required….

Whatever maharshtra nav nirman sena is doing in maharashtra in the name of marathi language and culture, thatis being condemned rightly from all around. But those who condemn are also in some level possess the same narrow-look and discriminative mentality as well. In 60’s when bal thackrey raised this issue then only people from south India were the target, specially the tamil people. Whereas in the neighbouring Tamilnadu a campaign against hindi was run which was a violent movement. Over the question of belgaun in Karnataka, the kannada feelings were same as extreme as in maharshtra. Issue was the same language and culture. Before that Punjab state was formed over the same question of pujabi language and culture, even now between Punjab and haryana abohar and fazla is still to be resolved. Actually the door for language dispute is opened by the centre itself by forming states based on the languages. And by hindi craze everyone is aware that how from the government and political level it was tried to be imposed on people. Once even jan sangh raised a slogan of hindi, hindu, Hindustan . But when looked at south and also have seen that indra Gandhi is doing this in much better way then it had withdrawn from the hindi slogan.
Look by widening the circle
That means language discrimination is not any new. In mahrashtra senas just did a new thing that is started kicking out other state people, but only hindi people. They did not mess up with gujratis as they are the wealthy guys. To summarize it is like if any community based on solely language and culture can not tolerate others then it is also a fact that outside of its own circle it also may be unacceptable to others. If any other circle start this then a tension may be created. This is the nature of human beings. Now if this thing is seen by widening from the regional level to the nations level, the exactly same situation will emerge. If any country’s people on the regional, racial, linguistic and cultural basis want from the people of other countries to accept their superiority, then that is resisted. Except that any nation , race or state do this by cheating and shrewdly or make itself powerful by military, atomic, economic and science and technology
power. German race thinks itself the best race in the world. French culture claims that it is the best human civilization. But none of the two is in the position to make themselves be acceptable to the world. But two powers seem to be successful in this effort. Jewish and American. One by cheating and shrewdness and the other by material power.
One question from human beings
The history of the humans witnessed that in the world whatever bloodshed took place that was due to the conflict of nations, races and civilizations. This conflict still exists but in some different forms. Countries today if are accepting the superiority of America then they are doing because of their weakness or some greed or benefit. Few countries are quite and from inside trying to make themselves stronger so that they can come forward to compete with America . Means no one with fair heart and with fairness accepts the america ’s material and Israel ’s racial superiority. If this is the true situation then there won’t be true peace in the world established. Cruelty and chaos be there on earth. Now this is the question that is there a need for the world and its people of a concept of life which rising above national, racial, linguistic, cultural and regional emotions and think about safety, well being and salvation of the entire manking considering the whole
man kind one unit, make all people connected with each other with love, mutual cooperation and well wishing. No human can answer this in negative. By the good fortune of humans this concept of life is there in the world. But their misfortune that the group of people who holds and carries that, it is unable to present it to the world in the right way.
19/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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